Essential Tips To Protect From Data Breach

Nowadays protecting your network security is the main issue because a lot of cyber-attacks happened in few years. The number of data breaches was increased 27.5 % in 2014 and these type of incidents mainly occurs to the leading bigger business companies.

Then imagine what happens to the small business? How could you boost your network security to protect your computer from data breaches? If you think the hacker is not taking your personal information then in this case you are wrong. In 2013 well-known company Target system was attacked by hackers and stolen all Encrypted customer security debit card PINS of more than 40 million credit card numbers of the retail giant’s customers.

In all these cases private and confidential data was stolen. So for protecting your personal information and files you have to improve your network security.
How To Improve Your Network Security To Become Safe From Cyber Attacks
For Improving your network security you have to do some important things on your computer.

The Backup :

Creating a Backup of your personal information and files was the most common and easiest way which take you to one step ahead in improving your network security. But generating a lot of backups won’t come in help because in this case you become confused and forget where to find a particular backup file. You can upload your backup files on some secure cloud service platforms. Example (Dropbox).

“How to Find Secure Cloud Services For Uploading Files. What are cloud service catalogue and business cloud service ?” 

Cloud services are the best platform to upload documents and files and there are more than a hundred cloud services providers in which some are cloud backup services for businesses that offer you to upload your personal data and it was an even better solution than having physical backup records.

Multilevel Security (MLS):

You should use software of multi-level passwords to access any database storing customer information and you must change these passwords frequently.

What is Enterprise Anti-Virus and Business Anti-Virus

IT Security :

If you using an Anti-Virus service and firewalls to protect your computer. But if you already using any Anti-Virus then you have to follow some tips to maintain IT Security properly? Must check security networks customer service which gives you some tips to prevent the virus.

Update Your Anti-Virus frequently by doing this you take your IT security a few steps further. Avoid using USB flash drives because USB flash drives or Pen Drives is the easiest way to get your computer infected with several viri at the same time.

Protect your smartphone with a strong password and change passwords to your cloud services twice a week. You must review and implement the standard of network security health. Use VPN Service to connect internet access, by using top VPN service your personal information and files are protected. When network connection was transferred from one computer to another computer. Update your daily using software as soon as a security patch was available.

In 2014, we saw the term “data breach”  become part of the broader public vernacular with The New York Times reported more than 700 articles related to data breaches.

The sharp rise of cyber-attacks on sensitive data and systems not via firewalls, anti-virus or servers but from inside the internal networks.

“Unfortunately, the proportion of breaches discovered within days still falls well below that of time to compromise “Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report

Get Certified :

Now a  day’s lot of security certifications are offering their service in which some knowledgeable professionals in the field of security, help you out to secure your personal data. Getting certified is the best way to secure your data but maintaining the offensive information security certification is more important than getting it.

What is cloud security alliance certification and cybersecurity certification?

Both above things are the course which teaches you about in which student know about the technical and managerial skills to analyze cybersecurity threats.

Encryption :

Encryption is the most effective way to prevent your secure data. To access the encryption files and folders you to must have a secret password or encryption key to decrypt the files. Mainly there are two types of Encryption asymmetric encryption or public-key encryption and symmetric encryption.

Symmetric Encryption or Symmetric-key algorithm: 

This Encryption is known as algorithms for cryptography that use similar cryptographic keys for encrypt the plaintext and decrypt the ciphertext. The encryption and decryption keys must be similar to each other otherwise, business parties must have the same key before they can access secure data. Types of Symmetric Encryption :

  • Stream ciphers encrypt
  • Block ciphers encrypt 

Asymmetric encryption :

Asymmetric cryptography also is known as Public key encryption, In simple words, it’s a cryptographic protocol based on algorithms that require two different types of keys, one of which is secret and another one is public. Basically, a public key is used in the encryption of plaintext. While a private key is used in the decryption of ciphertext.