How To Cancel Paypal Recurring Payments

Paypal Recurring Payments are defined as PayPal allows its user to buy a subscription of app or service as a recurring payment. Basically, the Memberships paid through PayPal are automatically renewed the subscription plan or service.

What is PayPal Recurring Payments?

In simple words, PayPal allows you to get benefits and use of a subscription plan or services through a recurring payment. The subscription plan that you subscribe through your PayPal made the payment automatic per month.

However, In case if you don’t want to use that service or subscription plan anymore. In this case, you can cancel the PayPal recurring payments through your PayPal Account. After cancellation of the automatic payment you no longer available to enjoy the service after the next billing date.

Things To Know About PayPal Recurring Payments Cancel

There are some points to consider before you cancel any service or subscription plan that connected with your PayPal Account.

  • Once you cancel the recurring payment through your PayPal Account. You no longer available use that service after the next billing date.
  • In case, if you want to use that service again you can activate that service which PayPal Recurring Payments cancel by you.
  • After canceling the PayPal Automatic Payment of any service. The amount of the money of subscription plan or service will be stops debited from your PayPal Account.
  • Any other relevant point to consider PayPal Recurring Payments Cancel

How To Cancel PayPal Recurring Payments : Complete Steps

You can easily cancel PayPal Automatic payments without having a hassle. PayPal allows its users to control recurring payments. The user can easily activate or deactivate any recurring payment anytime wanted. In case if you don’t know steps to PayPal Recurring Payment cancel. Don’t worry follow these that given below to know the complete procedure.

Step 1:

Go to the PayPal website or mobile app and log in to your PayPal Account.

Step 2:

Now, once you’ve successfully login into your PayPal Account. Go to the Settings through the gear icon (given at the top right corner) as shown in the given screenshot.

how to access paypal settings

Step 3:

From the right of the sidebar of the screen. Click on the “Financial Information” and scroll down the screen until you see the Automatic Payments option.

paypal recurring payments

Step 4:

Click on the “Set Automatic Payments” blue button. It will redirect to the new tab where you can able to see all the recurring payments of your PayPal Account.

Cancel PayPal Automatic Payment

Step 5:

Now, Select the recurring payment of any subscription, invoice billing, or service that you want to cancel and open it from the list of automatic payments.

paypal pre approved payment cancel

Step 6:

Once the recurring payment of subscription with complete details will be loaded into your screen. Where you will abe to see the “Cancel” button (as shown in the given screenshot). Click on it.

paypal automatic payment cancel

Step 7:

Before canceling the automatic payment of the service or subscription that you’ve select to cancel. Paypal will ask you to confirm it. Click on the “Yes” button.

stop paypal automatic payments

Now the recurring payment for that particular service or subscription is canceled. As a confirmation within a few minutes, you received an email from PayPal on the email address from which you’ve created your PayPal Account. About the cancellation of the automatic payment.

Wrapping Up!’

Hopefully, you find this guiding article helpful to know how you can cancel PayPal Recurring Payments without having a hassle or payment extra money. If you’ve any concerns feel free to ask us using the comment box.

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