30+ Free Chromecast Apps That You Must Have

Searching for the best and Free Chromecast apps for both Android as well as for iOS? Let’s discuss them on this page.

In this article, we have listed almost 30+ apps of Chromecast apps for Android and iOS devices. Mainly more than of these apps are free to use on the device. But some of them are paid also you’ve to purchase the subscription plan to use them on Chromecast.

15 Free Chromecast Apps To Use In Android Devices

Here are the 15 Free Chromecast apps that an Android user must-have.

1. Netflix App

netflix app for chromecast

The best screen to have in your home than a cinema hall is to have a Netflix app on your screen. The streaming service of $8 per month is the best type of launching partner for the Chromecast. From the streaming of the movies, the starting day only along with the shows of TV gives the best sensation with a great display to the viewers.

The device of the users works as the remote for it. Video in Netflix is still on due to the Chromecast streaming in it directly through the internet. Chromecast here is one of the convenient forms to use by handling the mobile easily. It is best compatible with Android as well as iPhone devices.

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2. HBO Go App

HBO Go App for Chromecast

If the users have the subscription of HBO, then it is the best thing that you will have in your device. It includes hundreds of movies, along with the original shows of HBO on the range of worldwide form. The logging here begins with the cable provider and most of them don’t allow access to any of the other devices.

The customers of Comcast will not get access to the HBO Go in the Roku as the issue may occur there. The streaming of series there is much great for the users with the best of them along with the great display of it. This app is best compatible with Android and iOS devices.

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3. Crackle App

Crackle app for chromecast

The strongest content if an app has then it is none other than the crackle app. The best part here is that it is fully subscription-free and even the logging in part is not there. The casting of the videos to the Chromecast with the crackling of Chrome web app or the apps on mobile can be easily done.

The mobile device of the users becomes an easy form of remote to them with the buttons of pause and the sliders too. The account creation there along with the watch lists will do the syncing of all the devices. It also gives a reminder to the users of when to watch them as per the timer. It is easily compatible with Android and iOS.

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4. BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer

It is in consideration as the treasure of public form by the citizens of the British though has the same reputation in other countries also. The best facility here is of the iPlayer which gives the streaming of the TV along with the radio and the movies of occasional forms on the internet.

The cast button there is a great thing which is best to have. At the time of playback throughout the seek bar, users can easily change the subtitles along with the volume. Users can easily play any of the content on their TV with this. It is free to access your devices of Android as well as in iOS.

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5. Hulu Plus App

Hulu Plus

The subscription of the Hulu Plus app gives the best access to the users with the full of shows in original forms. The TV shows of plus types including the seasons of past along with the present ones are the great here. The section of movies is much popular but in actual shorter than the instant of Amazon and from Netflix.

The subscription is available of $8 per month and comes with a free trial of one week. The nonsubscribers here CNS watch the shows of free on the website of Hulu.com. A few clippings are there in the mobile app which has the limitation of adds in it.

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6. Plex App

Plex TV

This app allows the users to cast the stored videos in the local form to the Chromecast with the help of the Chrome Browser. It is much easier and better in accessing the Plex app. For the installation, it is necessary to have Plex Media Server on the computer.

It will allow the users easy streaming with the media collection of the personalized form. Various devices can be easily connected with this app. The better accessing of the videos, music, along with the photos from the server of media can be cast easily from the Chromecast. It is easily compatible with Android as well as iOS devices.

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7. Google Play Movies and TV App

Google Play Movies & TV app

The best thing in the store of Google Play Movies and the TV is that it is the platform of mobile apps with the best support of Chromecast. Users can easily but or can take rent the movies of their need directly from the app.

In the iOS device they have to purchase or have to take rent for the videos on the web, and then have to play them in the app. The streaming of the videos directly from the Google Play’s web player in Chrome to the ChromeCast together. It is easily compatible with the Android and also in iOS.

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8. Google Play Music App

Google Play Music app

The free trial service in the store with the cloud access to the users with their service. Listening to any kind of song from the catalog of play store by the use of this web client or the mobile apps. As the app is inbuilt by Google, which tells that it is best supported by the Chromecast.

The interface of the TV is best here with the screen of the full display with the proper zoom feature of the cover album. The smaller version is also there which gives the screen protection for the prevention of burn-in access. This app is best compatible with Android as well as with the iOS devices.

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9. Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio

If the users want the radio stations of personalized form which is based on the artists who give the best service to them. The subscription offer here is of a total of $5 per month. The offer of free account is of the unlimited form gives the best support in the streaming of the best type.

The support from the Chromecast gives the casting of the audio to the TV and whichever is the best type in the soundbar of the theater. It uses the mobile device for the popping back of the app to provide the best track in the form of switch stations. It is best compatible with Android and iOS devices.

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10. Real Player Cloud

Real Player Cloud

It is the easiest form of an app that is based on the storage for the cloud for the videos of personal forms. The free account comes with the storage of about 2GB in the Dropbox along with the plans of upgraded forms which runs about the time of $5 per month of 25 GB. For the 300GB it is #30 per month.

The uploading of the videos takes for about 15 minutes or even less time from the apps or the website. The easy to share links for the known peoples can be easily performed from the devices. If the users try to watch the videos in the HDTV, then the streaming to the Chromecast from the web app in the Chrome will be there.

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11. Photowall From Chromecast

photowall chromecast app

The best use of this app is for the parties. The most access it has is from the chrome to link to the chromecast and the start of the photo wall on the television. The display there has the short of URL along with the five-letter code.  Any other person can also navigate the URL with the smartphone by the use of a chrome browser and can also send the photos to the wall.

The captions along with the doodles can also be added there before the casting of it. On television, the photos occur as a shift along with the slide so that more pictures can appear there. This app is best compatible with android and ios devices.

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12. Rube


It is the favorite of the best collaborative app of doodling for the Chromecast. It can be easily installed for free on your phones. After installing the app you have to link it with the free Chromecast apps. Whatever you draw in the device, it will appear on the screen on the television.

The generating of the Sudoku game board, searches of the word, and the last one as loop the loop can be made in it. It is the best one to have in your device. Easy connection and access are there of it. The dots and boxes give a great form of access to the users.

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13. YouTube App

YouTube Application

One of the best app for the launch partner of Chromecast along with the owner of Google. This is a free Chromecast apps such as YouTube allows the users to watch the videos from the television from the site of Chrome or the apps of officials.

Users can access it by the Chromecast and then can add the featured videos to the watch later playlist. It is the best in viewing all kinds of videos uploaded by the users. It is easily compatible with the Android and also in iOS devices.

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14. Redbox App

Redbox TV App

It comes with the best streaming of the online blockbuster for the users. Users can easily watch here with the streaming of unlimited plus for the amount of $8 per month. The streaming flicks in the browser or on the other different devices can be best in the cast of supporting to the free Chromecast apps. Here the service for one month is free. It is easily compatible with Android as well as iOS devices.

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15. Radio app

raido fm app

The casting of the music from the app of Radio FM to the Chromecast is the best experience on the smartphone. The only limitation here is that the TV interface can hang or can interrupt the mode of the screensaver. The streaming of the supported stations of the ad can be there instead of the albums.

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15 Free Chromecast Apps For iOS Devices

These are some of the best Chromecast application for iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad users. The list carries free and paid both apps.

1. Twitch App

Twitch App


The streaming of the broadcast of the favorite app of twitch can be straightly performed to the television with the Chromecast service. The gaming stream can be easily accessed there along with the experience of two screen formation. Various actions and also the popular streams can be watched there.

Users can go in the live chat too with their friends as most of the app lacks these features but twitch has it for the wonderful performance which makes it even more interesting.  It is easily compatible with iPhone devices. Twitch app is one of the best apps to have for iOS.

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2. YouTube Gaming App

cancel youtube tv membership

If there are kids in your house who love to be involved in various types of gaming, then the YouTube gaming app is the best have for it. Most of the celebrities including PewDiePie too use only the YouTube gaming app for gaming purposes. It is one of the most dedicated apps for the gaming content to have in your YouTube. Its one of the best free Chromecast apps.

It does the cancellation of all the other types of background noises which disturb the users while playing. Here, the streaming of the Chromecast is as easy as the sing of the app of YouTube so that the users can easily connect the game here with their TV and play in their computers even better.

3. TED app

ted app for iPhone

The smartest way of listening to the background is with the app of TED to have in your device. The access here is given along with the TED Talk of about 1000 videos including various types of topics. Users can easily browse them in the app and can play in the background. The addition of the casting to the Chromecast is much easier. You can use this free Chromecast apps.

Here, users can just by tapping the button of Chromecast select the video of their need to watch there. It is easily available with the iTunes in your iPhone device. The best app is to have with you in listening to the background in the devices.

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4. Jamo app

Jamo app

This is the only exercise app that gives the best experience to the user as the control of action is not there. Users just have to hold their iPhone and while performing in the video, they have to be connected with their Apple TV or the Chromecast. When the users will open the moves of onscreen dancers, the motion will be easily detected by them.

The better score on the screen of the TV with the higher inches of it will be best because of it. The proper compete will be there against the other person by scoring even more of the points from them. It is easily compatible with iOS devices.

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5. Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts app

The best available podcasting app is for the iPhone as well as the iPad devices. If the users want the podcasts of them and they want to play them on their TV they simply have to select which episode they have to listen to. The casting of the audios is also to the best peak here for the users. Well, it’s one of the popular free Chromecast apps.

It is the only one that is best for the support of the Chromecast. For the ultimate form of convenience, it is the best form to have for the casting of the podcasts. Clear sound, proper quality are the best things to have here. It is easily compatible with the iOS devices for accessing it.

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6. Tricky Titans

Tricky Titans game

This is the game for the players of five that can be easily played on the television with the players who control their Titan in their phones. Each of the turns there the player puts for the attacking, defending, along with the power-up option. The picking can be done but carefully because of the wary of everything as the actions which the opponents have to take the action of.

The attacking can have the dropping of the Titan hills. The winner here is the Titan of last standing as the higher form in the Titan at the end side of the game. Tricky Titans are just worth having for the cool artwork of it along with the best features there. It is easily compatible with the iOS and can be downloaded from iTunes.

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7. Spotify Music app

Spotify Music app

For the best control with the phone and the proper streaming of the television with it can be done with the Spotify app. It provides the best listening with the mobile along with a great experience for the streaming of the music.

The access to the full type of music library, along with the playlists of it and the playing of them becomes the perfect form of view. The full theatre display with the best quality function in the TV will give the sound system of great type. It is in actual great to have it in your home. It is best compatible with the iOS devices and can be easily downloaded with the iTunes from your iPhone.

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8. Big Web Quiz

Big Web Quiz

As chromecast not only gives the music and the video streaming, but is for the gaming purpose. It gives the best fun to the users also. It is the fastest and the best app which has the proper features installed in it. The compatibility of the cross-platform has the access to download the app and for the connection of it to the Chromecast.

The game can be easily connected with the six devices per playing of the game. The screen including the question is for each of the people to watch it. They use their phone in answering it. This app is compatible with the iOS devices and can be download with iTunes services.

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9. Just Dance Now app

Just Dance Now

The most popular type of app for the video game of dance to be around for the revolution of dance is best available for the user’s benefits. It has the functionality of similar types that can be found on the console other than the controllers for the tracking of the various movements.

This game has the function due to which the users have to hold their phones in their right hand. Users can play against the other persons in their room or can even play throughout worldwide. Few songs are available for free too, the collection of coins is also there. It is a free in-app purchase for the iOS users that can be download from the services of iTunes.

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10. All Cast app

AllCast App

For the sharing of the memories with people the best app to have for it is the app of All Cast with you. Various pictures along with the videos on the phone can be accessed there for sharing. It can easily be a crowd with a small screen all around.

It allows the users to cast the media with the people on the phone to the TV with the help of the Chromecast. The streaming of the content can also be done from the accounts of social media for example Google+ or Instagram. Along with this, the cloud services as the Dropbox and also Google Drive will be also the best for its access. You can get these free Chromecast apps from apple store.

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11. Cast-A-Draw app

Draw app

It is the modern form of an app that allows the users to let their friends use the phone as the drawing pad. The drawings will pop up on their television so that everyone can see it. The photo will come on the screen when the turn comes on the players. It is one of the simple game until the user knows the Pictionary.

It has the options which tells the number of words has to the type of round. Along with this, it has the time length of the given round. The working here is with great performance along with the fun for the parties. It is easily available for iOS users.

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12. VideoStream app

Videostream app

It is one of the best free Chromecast apps best known for the content of streaming from the computer to the Chromecast which is in connection with the Television. The allowance is given to the users in controlling remotely the media from the phone in a better way.

The proper setting is necessary here between the Chromecast and the computer and no other complications are there with the media. Users can easily watch their movies or shows on TV. The upgrading version will allow the users to control each and everything there is a better way. It is best compatible with the iOS devices and can be downloaded from iTunes.

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13. 2048 for Chromecast app

2048 for ChromeCast app

This is easily accessed by the users if they have played a game of Threes. It is the game of puzzle where the players have to do the swiping of the numbers for the pair combining of the grid. Also, it can be taken into numbers of bigger form like from 2 to 2048.

It can be taken for the support of Chromecast to see the game board on the television and can use the phone as the controller. The swiping here access on the TV which may mess up the board there. Various other versions of this game also come that are the best for the use. There are several other free Chromecast apps available on Apple Store just like this one but this is the best.

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14. Music Video Player App

Media Music Player App 1

This is the best app for the tunes listening that are the best one to have in your device. Including the features of Concierge is always to the best in providing the expert form of playlists in curated form. It gives most of the songs to listen per hour without the ads. There include no types of breaking of the audios there for the music.

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15. Red Bull TV

Red Bull TV app

It is the channel of the global platform that is in distribution with the digital form of connection. It can be accessed easily in the smartphones, tablets, and in the websites. Also, it is easily compatible with iOS and also in Android devices. These include various types of videos that the users can watch as per their way. It is one of the best free Chromecast apps from our list.

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Wrapping Up

I hope this info was best in getting the knowledge of free Chromecast apps for Android as well as in iOS devices. tell us as feedback in the comment section. Also, read our more topics for more info.