How To Open ASPX Files In Windows 10

The file called ASPX is the file extension of the Active Server Page Extended file that was developed for the MS ASP.NET framework system.

These files are created by the webserver and they contain some coding scripts and codes that users to connect with the web browser to open a particular website or web page.

What are ASPX Files?

In simple words, ASPX files are the collection processing of the codes and scripts and they run from the webserver. In this article, I will tell you how you can easily open or run an ASPX file on your computer.

How to Open ASPX Files In Windows

Follow the step-by-step guide to open ASPX extension-based files or programs on a Windows-running computer.

Step 1:

Open the Control Panel from the Start Menu

Step 2:

In Control Panel, Open Default Programs

Step 3:

Now open “Associate a file type or protocol with a program”

Step 4:

In it scroll down to find the ASPX file you want to open and select it

Step 5:

Now, hit Change Program > More options >Acrobat > Done

There is also another way to open the ASPX file first select the file and open its properties and in the General Tab change its extension to something else such as PDF and save and open it. Before doing this make sure you make one copy of that file.

This is all for how to open ASPX file on Windows for more relevant guides do refer to our Windows guides section.

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