How to Make a Minecraft Server for Free

Wondering, How to Make a Minecraft Server for Free! 

It is possible to make a free Minecraft server. You can make it by following the required steps for it—the procedure you will find here on this page. Well, if you take, then there are lots of servers for a Minecraft hosting server that can be signed up. One of the services is mine hut, which allows getting the host for the freeway. This server is for the edition of Java, which will be easy to get access to it. There are different forms and steps to follow here. By that, only the server will be connected and done. The requested fund can also create the same type. The command section here will give different forms of ways.

How To Make A Minecraft Server For Free

Here are the steps explained for creating the Minecraft server free:-

Step 1

Firstly, go to the website of on your chrome. It is one of the best services for hosting. Now you have to sign up there with your account. You can easily find the blue color button there. Also, if you already have an account, then you can directly login there. 

Step 2

After entering all your details there, click on the continue option. It is shown there on the downside of the given page. Now they will ask for your email address confirmation. It will be for the account verification. You have to provide the eight-digit passcode and click on the verify option there.

Step 3

Now, you have to enter the name of your server, which you want to show on your website. It will be visible as your domain name there. After adding the name, click on the create option. It is shown on the rightward side of the given page.

Step 4

If you want, then you can also check the server address of yours. By such, you can also change your server name. For that, you have to open the box shown at the corner. 

Step 5 

Now click on the blue option shown there under the server address. It allows for changing the name. After entering a new name, click on the apply option.

Step 6

Open your Minecraft launcher on your PC. Now click on the ply option there. Go to the multiplayer option, which is there at the center. 

Step 7

Now go to the direct connect option, which is at the downside of the page. After that, enter the server’s address and then go to the compare option. 

Step 8

Select the join server option, which is there at the bottom. It will show you the connection to the server and will also get access to the website around the world.

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