How to Make Paper in Minecraft – Step by Step Guide

Looking for a guide on how to make a paper in Minecraft Game!

In this game, Paper is one of the beautiful things to have. Paper is a very versatile material that is used in daily life for just about everything. No change of fact in this game also. From packaging to books to making crafts, the Paper proves as equally in Minecraft as it’s the real-world thing. Papermaking in Minecraft is simple, and the materials to work it is quite easy to acquire.

How to Make Paper in Minecraft – Step by Step Guide

In this article, we are going through a simple methodology of creating papers in the Minecraft. Just follow the steps by reading this article till the end.

Step 1:

At first, you have to gather some wood. Most Importantly, the Crafting Table is an essential tool you will find in the Minecraft. Without this step, you wouldn’t be able to create any tools, blocks, or items needed for elaborate builds or survival. To make a Crafting Table, you will require some Woods first.

You have to go and punch some trees to get some Wood. Please remember that 1 Wood creates 4 Wood Planks in your essential Crafting Grid. If you already get access to Crafting Table, you can go ahead for the section on making the Paper.

Step 2:

Now please open the inventory. If you are using a PC, press the E key or the X button if you are using Xbox to view your list. You’ll find it aside from several boxes. Here your items are stored in. You will see a set of four empty boxes arranged into a formation of the box with an arrow pointing towards the particular empty box.

Well, that is your initial Crafting Grid. Here you can make various things. You will see, it has four slots in the grid, but you can’t make anything complex with it. That is why you will need a Crafting Table.

Step 3:

Please place 1 Wood Plank on each box of the four boxes in the crafting grid. You’ll be seeing another item on the rightmost box again. Please take that item, and you are now having a Crafting Table. Then you have to find some Sugarcane. After finding that, you will need to explore the nearby area to find the Sugarcane. You will find them beside the bodies of water and resemble a cluster of tall bamboo or reeds.

Each of the individual units can be placed on a block directly beside the pool to grow more. It’s a pretty easy task to spot them as long as you keep an eye out for water. They are very common in that most of the players can probably place a few growing near their starting areas.

Step 4:

Gather 3 number of Sugarcanes. You may collect sugar canes the same way you obtained the Wood. After that, punch at it and open the Crafting Table. Once you’ve enough Sugar canes, you will be able to access your Crafting Table’s menu by facing the table. Next, you are ready to make the Paper.

Just place 3 Sugarcanes in a row. It will result in 3 pieces of Paper from the slot next to the grid. With this, you will do with making the Paper.

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