How to Make a Booklet in Word In 1 Minute

Wondering, How to Make a Booklet in Word. In this case, follow this article step by step instructions to create a booklet on Microsoft Word.

Now to create a booklet, firstly, of course, you’re going to know how to do it and for that here, it is to create a simple pamphlet so as you can add information and stuff later according to your preference just with knowing how to create a simple one.

How to Make a Booklet in Word

It also used as a promotion or marketing tool or maybe just an informative document or something similar to that.

Step 1:

First, click on the file on the menu bar on the top, and then click on print. Now you may use any version of windows. There be slight changes with the positions of the tab, but else it is almost same as the differences in here are minimal.

Step 2:

Now after clicking on print, a print screen appears. Now you have a click on the page setup link at the bottom of the corner middle set of options. A dialogue box appears, where you have to choose the margin, font size, color, alignment, and everything.

You gotta choose the ‘book fold’ from the multiple pages option. Another thing you have to do is keeping in mind the alignment you have to select the number of sheets per booklet.

Step 3:

One more setting suggested is the gutter setting, which is the space between the content, which shown in the preview.

Step 4:

This is mainly of use when you have to staple or bind or do something like that for which you want void space. Now click ‘Ok.’

Step 5:

Now you’ll be again taken to the standard word view page of yours. Now you have to insert page breaks to create additional pages, where you have to put free page breaks to create, for instance, four pages.

Step 6:

When you zoom out, you’ll see all the pages say four on the screen, and you may also use a slider if they don’t fit in one screen after zooming out.

Step 7:

Enter page numbers on every page, and then when you go and check out your print preview, and you’ll see separate pages with the titles on them.

Step 8:

You’ll see the first page with number one the second with number 4 as in settings we have chosen to fold booklet in which case numbers 2 and 3 tend to get wrapped inside pages and, hence, appear after 1 and 4.

Step 9:

The preview appears the way it is going to come out. Now get back to standard view and zoom in where you’ll find multiple a4 pages. You’ll have to specify your printer about double-page printing to give it a perfect booklet effect in word.

Wrapping Up! (Your booklet created)

Now you have to put up content onto the pages and then print it with the specified settings of the double-page if required in your printer. Then you may write it, and it’ll appear how a booklet must, and then you have to join them as if you leave space by gutter settings, and even if not, your brochure is ready now, enter it the way you want.

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