How to Lock Folder on Windows 11 with Password

Privacy is the most important thing that you have to worry about because sometimes you have some important data for the document that you don’t want to show anybody from your personal computer. Just imagine your family friend or close friend running on your computer and opening the folder where you keep your personal documents which you don’t want to show.
To secure your document there are two ways which are you can upload your personal document on any secure icloud storage or you can hide that document on your computer. But there is one more way to secure your personal data by locking a folder with a password.
How To Lock Any Folder in Windows 11 

Locking any folder with a password in simple as locking your computer or laptop with a password all you have to do is to follow below given steps.
Step 1 :
Select the Folder you want to lock
Step 2 :
Open list on the folder > “Properties
Step 3 : 
In Properties go the “Advanced
Step 4 :
You see an option “Encrypt Contents To Secure Data” Tap on it.
Step 5 :
Hit “OK” and Apply

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