How to Limit Network Bandwidth on a Linux

Throttling the Bandwidth on your network device will help your network in several ways, it boosts your network security, boost your network interface, and a lot more. Within the home network interface, the bandwidth was shared on different devices.

This means any device if using a high bandwidth program, for example, P2P software will directly affect your network bandwidth interface and this may also include a negative influence on the performance of the entire network. To avoid this the option to limit your bandwidth.

If you often have a lot of networking applications running on your Linux to boost your network speed you have to better limit bandwidth usage. There was a command line called Trickle that helps you to throttle the bandwidth on a Linux network interface. The Trickle is the command line mainly use to control the network traffic in any particular program.


Trickle will set the rate limit on the particular program by pre-loading the rate limit socket at running time. In this command line, you don’t need any root privilege to restrict the bandwidth usage of any program.

Setup a limit Bandwidth on Linux Using Trickle If you using Ubuntu, Debian then you install it with

Sudo apt-get install trickle

You can set the limit the download speed of your Firefox browser

trickle -s -d 10 -u 10 firefox

Limit the download and upload rate of the command

trickle -d -u


Wondershaper is the script which use to manage the network traffic and QoS for a specific network interface. With this shell script, you can also maintain low latency for interactive such as SSH while downloading or uploading. Throttle bandwidth on a Linux network interface using Wondershaper There is another way to rate the limit of your bandwidth resource using wonder shaper.

Install Wondershaper on  Ubuntu, Debian

Sudo apt-get install wonder shaper

Set download and upload bandwidth 

(sudo wondershaper )

remove the rate limit

sudo wondershaper clear eth0

For more help do check this YouTube video.