Incredimail: Definition, Advantages, Disadvantages

In case you didn’t know, Incredimail is the latest service offered by Aweber, a company that aims to change the way people do marketing online.

It’s free, and it uses your existing web hosting platform. This article will provide you with a great idea of what this simple service can do for you and your business.

What is Incredimail?

Incredimail is a fantastic email client that integrates with your existing web hosting platform and offers a host of features, including customizable email software.

It has a great host of features for customizing your email messages, file formats to load images in, quick reply options, a “save to email” option that allows you to download your email messages directly from your server, a “catch-all” message list feature, and so much more!

In short, if you want to expand your email marketing strategies and get better conversions from the emails you send out, you should look into Incredimail.


There are various reasons why this email client is the best. One of the most important reasons to use Incredimail is to access all the same tools that a pro marketer would.

You can import videos, links, graphics, text, and other files right onto your web page and save it in the form of PDF, JPEG, or PNG files, so you have an easy time sending out multiple streams of data.

Another great feature of Incredimail is the ability to export your current data folders. With many of today’s programs, you can export your entire Outlook Express database right onto a Word document.

With an existing database, you can make a back up of everything in one shot, so you know that nothing gets lost. You can also access any of your databases from within your online office suite, which means no more digging through drive or memory to find what you need.

With the ability to export emails, you can access every version of an Outlook Express email. Suppose you want to transfer a recent project.

In that case, you’re working on, or if you want to transfer all your information from another windows PC to your Outlook Express, all you have to do is copy the necessary files to your computer’s backup storage.

You can then access them online through the office suite – where you will have instant access to everything. With the software mentioned earlier, you can import graphics, videos, and music right onto your web page and save them as a pst file.

When the Import Wizard begins importing PST files, you will be prompted to answer a few questions. The most important fields that will be asked are the sender, recipient, and date of delivery.

All of these items will dictate what steps should be taken next. If you don’t have the proper information entered into the forms, the import wizard will give you a list of commands to type in. It will then proceed to complete the task at hand.

Along with this software’s ability to import PST files, it also includes other helpful features. One of the most useful features with IncrediMail plus free email software is the people used field. It allows you to search for the email addresses of people who use the service.

If you are trying to locate an old friend or colleague, you can use this feature to locate them. You can even search for family members and loved ones – great for when you need to find a particular person, and you don’t have their current address to hand.

One of the biggest reasons why so many individuals choose the use of IncrediMail and the features and ease of operation is because it is a virus and spyware-free solution.

This fact alone has become very popular with internet marketers looking to simplify their email client installation process. One of the best things about this, mentioned above, is that it comes with a 30-day trial.

It means that if you don’t like it, you don’t have to pay the full price. If you do, you get your money back.

Advantages of Incredimail

1. User-Friendly

The first advantage of using Incredimail is that it’s more user-friendly than other popular email clients.

Even if you’re not familiar with Microsoft’s email app, using Incredimail is easy because of the extensive toolbox included in the software. It allows you to organize your emails, create folders, mark emails as spam, and much more.

With all these power tools, you can also expect better speed performance from your mail server. You will experience better speed when viewing attachments, downloading applications, and even completing forms with ease.

2. Security

The second advantage of using Incredimail over other email services is that it offers advanced security features to protect your emails from unauthorized downloads.

Incredimail is equipped with safeguards such as password encryption, virus protection, URL encryption, and scanning of documents for malicious codes.

It means that even if a potential hacker gets hold of your files, they would most likely fail in their mission because of the sophistication of the protection mechanisms included in Incredimail. Plus, other security measures such as identity confirmation will further protect you as well.

Disadvantages of Incredimail

There is no doubt that Incredimail is the leading online email management application.

It is so popular that many corporations use it as an alternative to other online email solutions such as Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo! etc.

However, when using Incredimail or even considering doing business online, it is essential to understand that not all emails are the same.

The differences between Incredimail and your standard email account might spell the difference between business success and failure.

1. Security Level

One of the most significant disadvantages of Incredimail is the level of security and confidentiality provided. Incredimail has the highest level of security and confidentiality of any email program.

The most commonly used format is EML & the design in EML includes a header, encrypted attachments & body. You will notice that even most free email accounts save the information differently from what is shown in Incredimail.

As a result, Incredimail users run the risk of being spammed, which is the number one disadvantage of using this software. On the other hand, other email programs such as Google Talk and MSN Messenger use encryption algorithms that are more difficult to crack.

2. English Messages Only

Another disadvantage is the lack of support for non-English languages. Incredimail works only with English messages, and therefore, non-English users will face difficulty sending emails to their Incredimail account.

Incredimail has an option for multiple language translation but, unfortunately, only supports English as of the moment.

This means that, even though there are French and German translation tools available, an Incredimail user will not be able to use them unless they know how to speak or read French or German.

This is a very tiny drawback, especially when you consider that many other translation tools offer similar services for free.

3. Same as other tools

One of the biggest reasons why Incredimail gets so much criticism is the software’s apparent similarity to a malware tool.

Malware programs are malicious programs that install themselves on your computer and perform certain activities without your consent. Some malware programs can even steal your data.

For example, some programs can capture your banking information and passwords.

However, when you receive an email from someone you do not know, you may assume that it is from your trusted business or friend and then open the email.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions related to the Incredimail with complete information.

Why is IncrediMail closing down?

However, IncrediMail was failing, and customers were experiencing issues like as application crashes, error prompts, and email blocking, among other things. Furthermore, some individuals discussed malware vulnerabilities. All of this eventually contributed to IncrediMail’s demise.

Can you still download IncrediMail?

Is it still possible to use IncrediMail? No. IncrediMail is no longer available as of March 20, 2020. You can easily replace IncrediMail with one of the numerous available alternatives, such as Mailbird.

What will replace IncrediMail?

These are some of the best Incredimail Alternatives that will replace it in terms of services and features.

2.Inbox by Gmail.
3.eM Client
4.Apple Mail
5.Postbox. C
7.Zoho Mail.

How do I switch from IncrediMail to Outlook?

If you need to import IncrediMail messages straight into MS Outlook, go to the “Mode” option and select the mode that permits you to do so. Then select “Import” from the drop-down menu. A dialogue box will appear, prompting you to select the Outlook folder into which you want to import emails.

How do I export emails from IncrediMail?

In order to export the emails from Incredimail, you need to follow these steps.

1. Click “File” in the upper menu of IncrediMail 2.
2. Select “Export Data and Settings” with the mouse pointer hovering over “Data and Settings Transfer Wizard.”
3. The window “Export Data and Settings” displays.

Does IncrediMail work on Mac?

Although IncrediMail is not available for Mac, there are a number of alternatives that are compatible with macOS and provide similar functionality. Thunderbird is the ideal Mac option, as it is both free and open source.

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