How to Track Changes in Word – Step by Step Process

Finding how to Track Changes in Word? There can be a situation where you are providing the document of your MS Word, and they may ask to give a proper corrected file. You must be thinking of marking or making out changes in it or adding margins in your document. Or you can also loon into how to make invoices in word.

Instead of scribbling and cutting the words and making it look horrible, you can make changes directly in Word by the use of Track changes and the other features of it. After you complete the rechecking of your document, the person to whom you are giving your document will find that the file which you made is appropriately corrected.

By such, they will readily accept your file or can take action as per their requirement. You can also add comments to your file if you need it. It is also an essential need to proofread your document correctly. It will also give a proper practice to you by which you will get yourself enable to write more appropriately. While it is also good to know on how to create a table on word.

How to Track Changes in Word

Here are the steps explained by which you will be able to make changes in your Word:-


Step 1

Firstly, you have to track the changes in your Word. For that, click on the command of track changes. It is a gold icon shown there on the screen. The changes which you make on your document are highlighted in color.

Step 2

Now select the text or add the point if you want to add the comment there in your document.

Step 3

If you want to delete the comment, then select the comment and right-click on it. The delete option appears there. Click on it to delete it.

Step 4

If you want to make the changes, then click on the review option shown there and then select the drop option.

Step 5

If you want to hide the changes which you have tracked, then select the review option command and then click on the markup option shown there.

Step 6

You can also compare the documents which you have made. For that, click on the compare option shown there at the top of the screen. A box will occur there.

Step 7

Select the document, which is without the changes from the given list. Select another document in which you have made the changes. Then click on the OK button.

Step 8

Now Word will compare both of the documents and will check the changes made there. After that, a new document is created, which you can save easily in your device. The changes made here will be shown as a colored form there.

Step 9

Click on the right side of the new document that is created, which is shown as the original form along with the changes made in it. You can easily compare the changes which occurred in it.

Step 10

After the new document is created, you can easily save it on your device. The revised document can now be sent to the person whom you want to send. This is the proper new document created in Word.