How to Select All on Mac – Step by Step Guide

You were looking at how to select all on Mac? You may want in any situation to select all the items in your mac. Well, it is possible to perform on your mac. It is easy to select multiple files for your purpose.

As most of people use single file selection, multiple selections are also a choice nowadays. A bit of confusion also comes about the files in which people choose that they can be selected or not. For that, the proper grouping of files is necessary to make. And here’s a quick look on how to transfer files from android to mac.

Along with this, it is also relatable to know the aim of the person in getting the primary choice of the files that they grouped. Clicking and making them shifting to the required page.

By the command in your mac, it is also then possible to move the files and to choose them. While if you’re searching for a way to show hidden files on Mac then you can look into this article. They all are a little different, but all these files are essential and can easily share with the other devices.

How to Select All on Mac

Here are the steps explained about how to select all the files on mac and proper procedure of it:-


Step 1

Firstly, click and select the items which you want. It can be in every form as a document or on a page or can be in a file that you can get in your device.

Step 2

Now click on your screen moving the point and clicking on the place containing images or text or any document which you need.

Step 3

After that, click on the A button quickly after selecting the files. The documents which you selected gets a highlight form. You can easily do the requirement with the forms whichever type you need.

Step 4

If you want, then you can also go to the edit option or can select the menu option shown on the upward side of the page. Then go to the select option shown there.

Step 5

Now select the files that are shown there on the screen after that zoom your files to get a proper view of them. Now point the arrow to the upward side of the page.

Step 6

Select the single file and view it. Move the arrow to the downside. The files and documents get selected there.

Step 7

Now the files which you have chosen there are shown in the list in a proper view. Get the applied form with the best content shown there in the given list.

Step 8

Select the file or the document in the form shown there. Click on the shift option and select the last option on the screen.

Step 9

The documents or images which you have selected shows on a highlight view there with all the other items. Now whichever action you want can perform there smoothly as per your choice. You can move or edit the files as per your way.