How to Delete Message from Messenger – Step by Step Guide

Wondering how to delete the message from Messenger? If you want, then you can delete any conversation of message on your messenger of Facebook. Even a single form of a text could be deleted.

But it needs to be noted that multiple forms of messages are not allowed to delete at one time. Only the conversation has to be deleted. The other person should able to see the messages and can also text you. You can also look into how to use Facebook messenger.


America starts this messaging feature of Facebook, and Facebook does development. It started in the year of 2010 for the iOS features and mainly published for android in 2011. People can send messages, photos, or any other form of files or documents on this messenger. You can also do video calls or can also send audios in it.

Voice calling is also a feature in this. You can also put your conversation with many accounts here. This feature of the messenger app was released at the same time for PCs too. People can easily communicate here with their required person. Facebook also introduced Facebook Marketplace in 2016.

How to Delete Message from Messenger

Here are the steps explained about how you can delete the message on messenger:-


Step 1

Firstly, open the messenger app on your device. It appears like a blue-colored icon there on your screen. It opens the conversations of yours when you log in to your account there. Make sure you login by entering your username and password.

Step 2

Go with a conversation there. Click on the name, which includes the messages which you need to get deleted. If you are looking for older messages, then you need to move down to get it. You can also search them from the search bar and typing the name there.

Step 3

Now select the message and tap on it when you find it. A menu with various options occurs there. On your device, it shows on the center side of the page.

Step 4

Click on the delete option then. It is shown there on the page.

Step 5

Now get the selection of delete when required. When you get this, your conversation deleted, but note that the person would able to see the message whom you texted it.

Step 6

Now, if you want, then you can delete the whole chat of that person. For that, select the chat which you want to get deleted.

Step 7

Now click on the conversation and hold for some time till various options occur there.

Step 8

Then click on the delete option when asked.

• The same steps you can perform on your PC too. By selecting the chat, tapping on it, and deleting it there.