How to Add Email on iPhone – Step by Step Guide

How to Add Email on iPhone? If you are searching for the procedure to set an email on your iPhone, then you quickly find it here. Along with this, you can also easily add many accounts of email to your phone. But you have to add it distinctively. You can also look at how to sign out of Gmail from the iPhone.

Your iPhone will itself add other settings for it by providing the email services so that you should be able to add the account by typing your username and password in the section. Few situations require a device to change settings on a device before verification, add the address from your email. And if you have deleted photos from your iPhone and want to recover them you should look into this article.

The best email services which you can install are of Gmail or Microsoft Outlook. You can add any of the accounts from these through the settings option and can add the account from there. It is, in actual, a natural process in adding the email to your iPhone. Just a few verifications needed for it.

How to Add Email on iPhone

Here are the explained steps for such a procedure to add an email to your iPhone device:-


Step 1

Firstly, open the Settings app on your iPhone. You can easily find it on your device between all the apps.

Step 2

Move to the downwards side and then find the accounts and passwords option there. It shows in the settings option.

Step 3

After that, click on the add account option. It is on the downside of the accounts.

Step 4

Now select the exchange option. It shows on the upward side of the screen. It is the server of email which allows you to get the required changes.

Step 5

Write the email address of yours there. Click on the email option there and then add your account of your iPhone. The ID needs to be written adequately with the correct form of it.

Step 6

Now click on the next option shown on the right side of the page. If asked, then click on the manual configuration before going to the next page.

Step 7

Type your password there on the box. Write the password which connected with your email.

Step 8

Click on the next option. It shows at the upper side of the page.

Step 9

Now select any of the options which appear. After getting the security settings done. You have to get permission for an email to get the account. Click on the allow option after this process.

Step 10

Now click on the mail option in which you have to turn the switch to the right side by shifting it. It indicates to you that your message for permission has sent.

Step 11

Now click on the save option. It shows at the upper side of the page. After this, you can easily mail from your email account from your iPhone. You can send it from your inbox on your given address or email.