How to Create a PSN Account – Step by Step Guide

How to Create a PSN account? If you want, then you can create your PSN account with the help of a play gaming option. For that, it requires some procedures are there.

You have to find a way here to create this account. The various things for filling the dorms are required. They are your information like name, age, and much other info for this purpose. An email address is also necessary for this. Here’s a quick info on how to change your name on PS4 if you’re interested.

PlayStation Network 

The PlayStation Network (PSN) is a form of gaming service provided for entertainment purposes to get the media for a game console. It is much famous in this era and used throughout the world. It can easily be accessed on smartphones or PCs and is easy to use.

The premium charge is taken by them to provide much better forms and services. It was published in the year 2000 and is updated every year with new features. It provides the best presence of gaming service, which is comfortable and better to use by the users. Or you can read this article to know how to record gameplay on a console.

How to Create a PSN account

Here are the steps explained of how you can create an account on PSN:-


  1. Firstly, click on the new user option on the login screen. After that, select the create a user option.
  2. Now go to the accept option. Then click the next tab.
  3. After that, go to the new PlayStation network and then create an account.
  4. Now get access to all the info required there. In this, add the information about your language, country, city, number, password, ID, and many others, along with the required name.
  5. Then click on the next option and then confirm it.
  6. After accepting it, select verify now option from the email, which is sent by them in your account.
  7. Now click the already verified option shown there.
  8. Select the continue option shown there and then click on the latter option. You can do this by adding the profile of your Facebook to your account of PSN.
  9. Now select the next option. Then click on the skip button. You can also go for the plus selection by getting the link of it for taking the subscription.
  10. Click the option showing do not activate there. By going in this, you have to sign in to your PSN account with your new one.

Similarly, you can open any of the PSN versions on your device. The steps are the same there. You have to create the account there and can get access to it.