How To Restore Favorites in Internet Explorer


Internet Explorer most common and default web browser comes with Windows operating system. When you’ve installed any version of Windows on your computer there is some pre-installed application.

Sometimes due to some errors and problems Internet Explorer crashed and you’ve to reinstall it or when you’ve to upgrade old IE to new IE version. But after this, my buddy asked me bro ‘i list my favourites’ and you don’t know how to restore favourites and recover bookmarks.

How To Restore Internet Explorer Favorites :

To restore favourites and bookmarks in an internet explorer web browser you’ve to follow some steps by steps guides.  As we know there are different types of a version of IE web browser and its and there is a different way to restore favourites.

IE version 5 to version 8  backup favourites:

Step 1 : 

In Internet Explorer. Click on the Files  and then go to Import and Export via the navigation toolbar

Step 2: 

In Import and Export window within IE. Click on the Next button

Step 3 : 

Now you’ve to  Click on Export Favorites and then click Next.

Step 4 : 

Now select the folder you want to backup and if you want to backup all favourites in one place then leave the favourites folder highlighted and then select Next.

Step 5 : 

Select the folder where you want to backup IE favourites and then Click Next.

Step 6 : 

In this last step Click on Finish.

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IE Version 9 to Version 10 Backing up Favorites 

Internet Explorer version 9 to IE version 11 there are lots of changes and different types of features added and removed. But if you using IE from a long time it may not hard for you to back up files from internet explorer.

However to import favourites from IE or backup bookmarks on default Internet Explorer version 9 to 11 you don’t have to make any changes on a web browser.

A few days ago, I meet a guy online we are discussing on computer tricks and hardware issues. He asked me recently on his computer IE 9 upgrade to IE 10 and after that my all favourites are lost. and my favourite bookmarks are also lost. There is a way to restore favourites.

Step 1 : 

Click on Start  and then Go to Computers

Step 2 : 

Open Local  C :/ Drive from my computers

Step 3 : 

Open Users and Choose you User Accounts (Account form which you currently logged in ).


Step 4 : 

Now right click on the folder named with Favorites.

Step 5 : 

Click on Restore Previous Versions.

Backing up Favorites and Bookmarks are not that hard as it looks like you’ve also read out above given step by step guides restoring favourites in IE web browser on windows.

However, there are some other issues that we can’t mention this article properly such as restoring bookmarks in IE. If you’ve any question related to this article. You can ask us.


We hope this article properly guide you about restoring favourites from Internet Explorer. To read more articles related to Internet Explorer visit Web Browser Guides.