How Do You Turn Shuffle off on iPhone

Music one of the best thing for entertainment currently all device supports sound system basic cell phones have 3.5mm audio jacks along with speakers for better sound quality. On iPhone, you can enjoy moments of aural bliss via headphones. Recently one of the my buddy asked me ‘how do i get songs off my iPhone and I tell him the way to turning off the music on iPhone.

Again he comes up with new issue and asked me bro do you know how to turn off shuffle on iPhone. So here is the article for those who don’t know the way to disable the iPhone shuffle.

There is a feature called Shuffle that allow users to listen different music tracks this feature continuously changing the songs. Mainly shuffle feature help users to listen songs without knowing the what coming next.

On iPhone music shuffle you can easily make changes using music playlist shuffle settings but sometimes when lot of users update the shuffles they can’t figure out how to stop shuffle on iPhone.

Turning off Shuffle on iPhone

Generally there are two ways to disable shuffle on iPhone that you see below. So you can easily get soultion for iphone turn off shuffle.

Method First : 

Step 1 : 

Tap on Music icon on iPhone from the playlist

Step 2 : 

Now tap on  ‘Albums’ and then easily select album you like to listen

Step 3 : 

Tap on the first song from the selected album list. The album will play in order.

Method Second : 

Step 1 : 

Open the song album you want to listen from the playlist

Step 2 : 

Now find the shuffle icon ( circled in lower left ) and tap on it to disable the shuffle.

Conclusion of the Article : 

I hope this article will helped you to know how you can turn off shuffle on iPhone. To get more information related iPhone get in touch with us. If you’ve any question related to this article or iPhone shuffle you ask us using comment box.