How to Make Compass in Minecraft For Best Navigation

Thinking, how to make compass in Minecraft? Now, there are many items you can make in Minecraft, and all of them can be tricky at some point if you’re a newbie or don’t know how to make it. To make a compass, you will have to collect very minimal stuff; it’s like just two items, and like you have to combine them. In the right ratio and the correct position, and you will have a full functioning compass. After getting a compass, you can easily be directed to your spawn points as it helps you get there and suppose.

How to Make Compass in Minecraft

If you have your house or bunker or castle, anything nearby, it is easy to get to your home or wherever your container and castle-like wherever you wanna go.

For making a compass on Minecraft. Follow these given below steps.

Step 1:

First and foremost, you gotta find and get at least four of the iron ore which you see my breaking the walls. You might have to spend a bit of your effort doing so as it might turn a bit tough that way, but then you have to have at least four of the iron ores for one compass.

Step 2:

The second thing you’re gonna have is finding and get at least one red stone for one compass. You will have to search for the wall inside the mine, and once you find it, you just gotta dig or break it through and collect the red stone.

Step 3:

When you collected both the essentials, now you gotta convert the iron ore into an iron ingot using furnaces.
Go nearby a furnace and then place the iron ore on the crafting bench and coal on the other side and furnace ‘fire’ sign in the middle, and it will give you iron ignots. This way, you gotta make four iron ignots out of four iron ores you collected.

Step 4:

Now that you got all that you need that is red stone and iron ingots, you just gotta frame them and make the compass.

Craft Bench In Minecraft

Now just go to the crafting bench and what you gotta do is follow these steps.


Place in the middle of all ends and sides on your crafting bench the four iron ignots. Next, you gotta take a red stone and place it in the middle of the four.

You gotta wait for a couple of seconds while it is processing, and then its were done. Your compass is ready.

What We Can Do With Compass In Minecraft

The compass exactly tells you the directions or say directs you towards your spawn point and that’s like if you are exploring stuff, and you have your house close to your spawn points, your home, your bunker or castle whatever but near your spawn points, so it is kind of convenient that way.

Now in case you want to make a clock as what a watch does is, it reminds you down of the sundial, which is just helpful to tell you that it is daytime or nighttime and when the sun’s at the top and when it is about to get the gist, etc.

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Wrapping Up

Then you gotta almost do the same thing, but you gotta place gold ignots in the middle of all ends and sizes and then put the red stone in the middle, and that makes a clock.

Now again, for the gold ignots you’ll first have to find gold ore and then convert it into ignots using the furnaces, but that is how its made.

So, it is straightforward to make a compass, which is very helpful for a good game.