How To Make Kinetic Sand – Complete Steps

Want to know how to make kinetic sand? The period when you have tiny kids at your place, or it is that you want to decorate a personal space or just nothing. But want to have something to play with where you and your kid or maybe two adults can play with it, and it is super fun and exciting to be seen and played with. It is the kinetic sand.

☆Kinetic sand is nothing but something mixed with the sand, which makes it look in motion even when it is still, can be played with, can be separated, but it’ll again get together and be kinetic. Though its sand, it is super soft, children friendly, and very much fun to play, but in case you don’t find one in your locality or don’t wanna spend on it, you can make your own.

How To Make Kinetic Sand

To make your kinetic sand you have to follow these steps.

Step 1:

First and foremost, have school glue or fevicol or any glue. Add that glue to an empty, clean bowl.

Step 2:

Next up, you have to decide what color you want your kinetic sand to be, and whichever shade you won’t just take watercolor in the same tone and add it to the glue in the same bowl.

Step 3:

Mix it well using a spatula until and unless the white glue turns into the color of the watercolor added to it.
Once its adequately mixed, eyeball the consistency of the glue and color mixture be just a bit flowy, add water accordingly.

Step 4:

Another important stuff you would require is a liquid laundry, out of all the suggested one is the airtel liquid laundry. Add just a few drops or say ¼ teaspoon of the liquid washing and mix the mixture well until it leaves all the sides of the bowl and forms a lump in a dough-like consistency.

Step 5:

Now take a bowl full of sieved sand by which I mean there must not be present any harsh and big particles as this said to look smooth, and second, it meant to be played with if it has any sharp or big particles inside it. It neither would look good, nor it will be convenient to play with.
So make sure you get served sand.

Step 6:

Now what you have to do is, put a spoon full of sand in the glue mixture and start mixing it either using your hands or the same spatula only. Do it the same way you knead a dough and continue kneading it until and unless the sand particles go invisible that is get pressed in the glue mixture.

Step 7:

Add another spoon full of sand to the mix and do the same that is start kneading it, but this time you have to use your hands as you have to sort of infuse the sand inside the glue dough. Keep pressing it until the sand sort of disappears. Now gradually keep adding sand and kneading until and unless the particles enter a position where they are independent but attached.

Step 8:

The state of semi-attachment where you can feel the softness of glue dominating the sand’s texture is when your kinetic sand is ready. The state where if you separate it, it’ll get separated also, and if you stick it, it’ll stick also is the perfect state of when it’s kinetic sand.

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Wrapping Up!

Now you might use it for decoration or use it with molds or just playing with it for fun. It goes up for all.