How To Install deb Files on Ubuntu

This article is for beginner’s which explains how you can install deb files on Ubuntu. If you are new at Ubuntu, then please sit back and read this article carefully till the end. Some important software is available via DEB packages; all don’t remain available by default. These are archived files.

How To Install deb Files on Ubuntu

They end with the .deb extension. You have to double click on the .exe files to start the installation procedure in the windows platform.

Method 1: By using the default Software Center

  • This is the simplest method out of all to use the default software center on Ubuntu. You do not have to do anything in this place. Just go to the folder where you have downloaded the .deb file. It must be the Downloads folder. Then double click on this file.
  • After that, it will open the software center. You will find an option by which you can install the software. Next, you have to hit the install button and enter your login details and password.

Method 2:  By installing .deb files in the command line

  • To install the deb packages in the command line, you can opt for either apt command or dpkg command. The apt command uses command. This is more popular and easy to use.
  • Now type:

sudo apt install path_to_deb_file


In this way, you can easily install the deb files on Ubuntu. Just follow the methods and you will be done with installing. These are the simplest methods you can find. Follow these methods step by step.