How To Export Google Voice Call History

Previously we discuss on making back up of Google voice data that helped you to generate back up of voicemail conversation along with messages.

Here, you know how you can export Google Voice calling history from one computer to another. Google announces export services in 2011 at the blog post.

A few days ago, I don’t how can I import and export my voice call history using my laptop. After some research, I discover a proper way to export call history using Google Takeout. It’s a service offered by Google to its customers to get a record of the data of their accounts.

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Exporting Google Voice Calling History

You probably things ‘is there a way to export google voice calling history’. In this article, you find out yourself.

Step 1 : 

Go to Google Takeout and Sign-in your Google Account

Step 2 : 

Click to Create an Archive and Select Voice icon

Step 3 : 

Click on the Next button

Step 4 : 

Select the format in which you want to download the voice data. Click Create Archive

Step 5 : 

Wait for some time until download ready and download it