How To Enable / Disable FIPS in Windows 7

Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) are the sets of standards developed by the United Stated federal government used in computer systems. FIPS are issued for computer security and interoperability there are some advantages and disadvantages of FIPS.

Sometimes you’ve to turn on or turn off FIPS on your computer for security purposes, if you don’t how to enable and disable FIPS then read here.

Currently, more than 75% of people around the world used Windows 7 OS on their computer, In this article, I will demonstrate. How you can easily control FIPS on your computer.

Enable / Disable  FIPS on Windows  7

Before enabling and disabling FIPS you must know complete details about it. FIPS (Wikipedia ).

Step 1 : 

Launch Run (Windows logo + R) in it type “gpedit.msc” and press Enter button


Step 2 : 

In Local Group Policy Editor, navigate to Computer Configuration  and Click on Windows Settings > Security Settings.

Step 3 : 

In the Security Settings box, Click on Local Policies > Security Options.

Step 4 : 

In Security Options, scroll down and navigate to “System cryptography: Use FIPS-compliant algorithms for encryption, hashing, and signing


Step 5 : 

Click on it and select Enabled and hit Apply button

I hope the article will help you to know how you can enable and disable FIPS on your computer. To know more about FIPS visit Microsoft’s official support page.