How To Turn off Mail Notification on Macbook Pro


The notification was one of the coolest things to keep updated with current affairs with your close once’s or the peoples you following on social networking websites. There are several types of notifications you receive daily in your busy life. If you’ve owned a cell phone then getting notification was the most common thing for you, but if you own a computer machine such as a PC, laptop or Mac. While doing something on the computer a notification window pop-up and you’ve to close it regularly.

Although you can easily disable notification on your mac if you know the proper way to do that.

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Turning off Mail Notification on Mac

Usually, when you turn your mac you get a mail notification for each mail you received since the last time you opened you’ve read the mail from the mailbox.

If you find these pop-up notifications annoying in that case you can easily turn off notifications without turning off your email account.

Step 1 : 

Go to Apple Menu > System Preferences 

Step 2 : 

In System Preference dialogue box. Click on Notification in the top row

Step 3 : 

In the Program List on the left side of the box. Select Mail 

Step 4 : 

On the Right side of the box, Under ‘Mail Alert Style’ click on None icon

Now you no longer get any mail notifications on your mac screen there are some other things you can also adjust such as mail alert sound audio and visual alerts for incoming messages.

You can also make adjustments to some other notifications for other programs on mac. Such as Calendar, Twitter, Video Chat and others.