How To Edit Movies In QuickTime on Mac

How To Edit Movies In QuickTime on Mac? Now editing a movie consists of many parts, trimming a video, splitting one, adding voice and sound effects to it, and a lot more.

The best part about this app is you don’t need a specific project or something for this you can have video clips, and you can do the job.

How To Edit Movies In QuickTime on Mac

For the fundamental part to go with every video or a movie. Taking two videos for demonstration purposes to edit with Quicktime on Mac.

Step 1: Open QuickTime Player

Double click on the first video, and it opens up in a quick time player which you can also use to play the video, and that maybe all.

Step 2: Must have 10.4 version on Mac

For now, you have got to edit the video, now the version the editing is performed is 10.4.

Step 3: Trim The Video On QuickTime

Firstly to trim this video, you have got to go to edit on the menu bar, and go down to trim; a control at the bottom appears that allows you to set start and endpoints, you must drag it from wherever to wherever you want, and then you grab a section and hit the trim button. You have a video considerably according to your preference.

Step 4: Add More Videos On QuickTime To Edit

Now you can also add more videos to this. To add another video, you must go to the edit button on the menu bar on the top.

  1.  Click on it and go down to add the clip to the end. Then you have got to select another video that you want to add.
  2. Now you’ll see you would have got two videos in on the screen with a timeline on the bottom one after the other as per the respective selection.
  3. Now you can jump to either one for trimming, you’ve got a double click on them, and it gets to the trim control. And now again you can drag the clips from start to end to trim the part you require.
  4. Now the two videos are combined as well as trimmed as per your requirements and modifications.
    You can also drag any clip to any part of the video.

Step 5: Split The Video

Now if you want to split up the video

  1. You have got to use your trackpad for this and use it to move the red line which shows you the frame you.
  2. Now from wherever you want to split this form you have got to keep the red line on that section > go to edit on the menu bar > click on the split clip or use command Y; this split the clip into two parts.
  3. You know how to move it around already so you can move a clip from over one part to another, and you can eventually split into a lot many sections.
  4. Now here goes a lot, now you may use it as a whole single video which is already trimmed or added with clips or split it into two or more sections or drag and mix up the video the way you want and save it or even if you use to play the video and you may save it.

Step 6: Save the Video On Mac

Now to save the video, the saving technique here is not as the usual ones as it is just some complication quick time player technique. To save it

  1. Either you can go to file > export > set video quality, and export the video.
  2. Now if you try to close it, it asks you to export, and you can open it up, and then also you can export, where you can open up and check where you’re precisely exporting the video too.
  3. Now you’ve got to take the particular video clip and save it up.

Step 7:  Export Video on Mac

Use the file > export, for more control, and for just saving it out in the format its already in, you can just close and then save out from the dialogue box.

After it saves, you can see the video is as per how you edited it. So here just having two essential videos, you almost edited it to any possible way, and you didn’t have to have a big project or something.

Now imagine if it is this smooth with video clips with fluctuating editing how smooth it would be for a movie or something big. So this app supports every kind and type of video to edit it very quickly, precisely, and neatly.