How to Turn on iPhone 11- Step by Step (With Screenshots)

How To Turn on iPhone 11? If you have bought a new iPhone 11 and are unable to access some of its features, then you need not get panic,
as here it is given about turning on an iPhone 11.

You can turn on in many ways as it is the new form of device with many features available. Phone 11 is a new form of the smartphone which is best designed by the Apple company.

The latest Apple smartphone and has the A13 chip which comes with a fast charger that is best compatible with this device comes in six colors.

It has a high-resolution camera that has the flash along with three camera features. Moreover, it has the perfect glass with the logo attached at the back which now looks different from previous looks.

How to Turn on iPhone 11- Step by Step

Here are the explained steps of how to turn on an iPhone 11.

First Method: Turning On iPhone Using The Lock Option

Step 1

Firstly, hold the lock button of your iPhone. It is the button that allows you to switch on your device. It gives on the upward side of your iPhone 11.

Step 2

Give some time to the device to let it show the logo of apple.

Step 3

As the icon of Apple occurs on the screen, stop pressing the apple lock button of your iPhone. It needs to be done at that moment only.

Second Method: Turning On iPhone 11 By Charger 

Step 1

It is another option to turn on your phone other than using the lock button. For this, connect the charger to your iPhone then put it to the source of connection.

Step 2

Check that the cord of your charger is connected correctly. The cable properly needs to fixes on its form.

Step 3

Now plug the USB to your iPhone where it needs to be plug-in.

Step 4

Let the charger gets plugged into the electrical circuit.

Step 5

Give a few moments to turn on the iPhone. It can be a situation where your phone battery can be at the lowest form or dead because of which, no movement of the screen is flashing.

Step 6

Give some time to the phone to get a restart. Your phone takes some time to restart if its power is low.

Third Option: Turning on iPhone 11 By Shutdown Button

Step 1

Same way if you want to switch the power of your phone to the off mode, then go to the settings option and then you find the shutdown option in general.

Step 2

You have to slide to the right side for turning off.