How to Change Spotify Profile Picture

If you are thinking to change your Spotify desktop picture in your Spotify app and are looking for perfect steps for it, then you are in the right place. You can easily change the picture in your profile of Spotify in your android device.

For that, you have to link the account of Facebook with the Spotify account after which you change your Facebook profile picture. In actuality, it takes about the time limit of two days to get the updated picture in your Spotify account.

The procedure to change the profile picture in your Spotify app is first to log in to your account and then go for the steps. It needs to connect to Facebook, which accesses the information from there and add over here.

How to Change Spotify Profile Picture

Here are the explained steps which enable you to change your profile picture on Spotify:-

Step 1

Firstly, open the Spotify app from your device. If you don’t have that, then you can download it from the play store or on your iOS.

Step 2

Now select your library option, which gives on the right side of the screen.

Step 3

Click the Settings app, which gives their right side of the page when you open the library.

Step 4

Move to the downwards side and then get the option of connecting with Facebook, which is at the heading option of the page.

Step 5

Now sign in to your account of Facebook by entering your username and password which you want to link with the Spotify app.

Step 6

Now click on the login option. Then Spotify adds the same profile picture, which is on your Facebook account.

Step 7

After that, open the Facebook app and then click on the three lines option given in this app at the upward side of the screen.

Step 8

Select your name there or your pic in the profile on the upward side of the screen. It opens the profile of your Facebook.

Step 9

Now click on the profile picture of yours in the Facebook app. It appears as the square form at the upward side. It opens a menu on your device screen.

Step 10

Get the option to select the profile picture there. It shows the second one at the downside of the menu. Move more down to get a view of it.

Step 11

After that, click on the image for selection.

Step 12

Select the use option given at the rightward side of the screen. It gets the new updated profile pic on your Facebook account. It takes at least two days to update the profile picture on account of your Spotify.