How To Cancel H&R Block Emerald Card

You want or need to cancel H&R Block Emerald Card then you’ve visited the right web page. This article contains complete guides about the cancellation of the H&R Block Emerald Card and more important points that you must know before you cancel your credit card.

Things To Consider Before You Cancel H&R Block Emerald Card

There are important points that you must read before you cancel your H&R Block Emerald Card. To save your money from the company cancellation policies or the cancellation fees.

  • If you requested a refund from any merchant or person then you must wait to money be transfer into your Card account.
  • Withdraw you’re money from H&R Block Emerald Card to your Bank Account or by ATM before you request for cancellation.
  • No Cancellation Fees.

How To Cancel H&R Block Emerald Card | Step by Step Guides

Generally, there are two ways to cancel your H&R Block Emerald you can either cancel via your online account or else contact H&R Block Emerald Card customer support and request to cancel your credit card.

For the online account process, Login into your online H&R Block account and navigate to the Manage Account> Account Settings> Cards> Block. If this doesn’t work for you.

Then, in this case, you’ve to move the second option and contact to H&R Block Emerald Card Customer Service.

H&R Block Emerald Card Customer Service Contact Number

Just pick your cell phone, and dial  855-508-0833 H&R Block Emerald Card Phone Number that contacts you to the customer service representative that helps you out. To cancel your card in a few minutes.

When your phone line is connected to the representative request them you want to cancel your card and what is the process. The representative will ask you for some of your personal information regarding your credit card for cross verification. And after this, the representative will cancel or block your H&R Block Emerald Card from your H&R account.

Other Ways To Contact HR Block Emerald

  • Email Support –
  • Assistance –  1-800-472-5625