OnePlus 6T Getting Its First Update Just After The Release

OnePlus 6T was launched few days ago in the last October and its the cell phone isn’t out for sale the customer has to wait to 6 November for its first sale. However, According to our sources, the OnePlus 6T already starts receiving its first software update OxygenOS 9.0.4.

As promised, the update comes improvement basically for a camera which includes a Studio Lighting effect when user taking portrait shots along with a Nightscape mode used for low-light photography.

Moreover, the software update also improves system features such as Screen Unlock with new navigation gestures and lot more. It also optimizes the saving battery feature by standby power consumption.

OnePlus 6T Pricing: 

In India the handset goes for sale on  2 November, So basically the OnePlus 6T carry three variants with different storages capacity. The 6GB RAM with 128GB storage will available for Rs.37.999 only. 8GB RAM with 128GB memory variant available for Rs.41,999 only. And the last one, 8GB RAM with 258GB memory handset available for Rs45,999.