How To Cancel HBO GO Subscription On iPhone, Smart TV or Amazon

How do I cancel HBO GO Subscription? If you’re looking for proper step by step guides for to know the complete processor for cancelling your HBO GO subscription on Samsung Smart TV. So, friend you hit on the right spot, this article contains complete information regarding cancelling HBO GO on various devices.

How To Cancel HBO GO Subscription? And What is HBO GO Cancellation Fees?

HBO GO is an online streaming service that allows you to watch movies, news, sport on your Smart TV such as Samsung, Apple or Roku etc. However, if you’re not satisfied with HBO GO then, in this case, you can easily cancel the HBO GO subscription in few steps.

Cancel HBO GO Subscription From

cancel hbo go subscription

To cancel the HBO subscription from your desktop or cell phone without having a hassle. Then you follow below-given instructions to cancel HBO membership from the official website of

Step 1

Open from the web browser of your device.

Step 2

Login into your account using the email address and password. The web page will redirect you to your Account Dashboard.

Step 3

Now Navigate to the billing from My Account. Choose “Manage Subscription”. Now simply click on the button right after ‘Auto-Renew Monthly’ to turn it off.

Doing so you can easily turn off your HBO GO subscription for the upcoming season. By the way, you can also cancel other subscription plans also by going to Manage Subscription by various providers such as Amazon, iTunes or Google.

Cancel HBO GO Subscription Over The Phone

You can also terminate your HBO GO subscription of Samsung Smart TV with the help of HBO Customer Service. All you’ve to do is pick up your cell phone and dial the HBO Phone Number that given below in red colour. When your phone line is connected to the HBO representative ask them to cancel your HBO GO subscription for your Samsung Smart TV.

The representative may require some of your subscription details for cross verification along with some of your personal details such as name or any identity card. Give a copy of it via an email address. After the confirmation, the HBO customer service will terminate your subscription plan for your Samsung Smart TV or any other streaming device like Mag or Vu+.

As a result, you will receive an automatic email from HBO Customer Service with a message “Your HBO GO subscription has been terminated” enjoy.

How To Cancel HBO GO Subscription On iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

In case if you want or need to cancel HBO subscription using your iPhone or any of iOS device such as iPad or iPod Touch without doing to any website nor contacting to the HBO Service Center. Then, in this case, you can easily follow below-given step by step instructions on your iOS device to cancel your HBO subscription.

Step 1

Go to the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Settings > iTunes & App Store.

Step 2

Now tap on the Apple ID of your on the top of the screen. Again Tap to View your Apple ID.

Step 3

Tap to open Subscriptions and now Navigate the HBO GO Subscription from the list of subscriptions.

Step 4

Tap on the “Cancel Subscription” button to stop the auto-renewal of your subscription plan.

Doing so you can easily cancel your HBO GO Subscription plan or auto-renewal from iTunes. I hope the article is helpful to you. Comment and Share.