Find How Much Traffic Website Gets

Do You Want To Check How Much Traffic A Website Gets? 

So There Are Some Other Ways to find this, but I tell you 5 ways to find how much traffic website gets.

What is Website Traffic?

Website traffic is the number of people visiting a website at any one time. Traffic is mostly measured in “sessions”. A session will involve the user viewing one or multiple pages within a given time-frame, and a few visitors may return to your website for several sessions before they are going ahead and buy a product or enquire a few services.

5 Ways To Find How Much Traffic A Website Gets For Free

There some online web application and Softwares that allows its user to track website traffic for free. In case if you don’t which SEO tool to use to tracking website traffic of your competitors. For this, you can try out these five tools to find out website traffic of any website without having a hassle.

1. Similar Web

It started as a tool for locating similar sites but now offers a spread of information including traffic analysis during a clean interface. You get to understand the site’s traffic over time, the countries that are sending the foremost traffic, what search keywords are bringing the organic referrals, what proportion time users are spending on a site then on.


It offers plenty of information around search organic traffic for any website. Put in the web URL and you will install how the site has fared in organic search over time. The data can be split by country, you get to know which sites are sending traffic and also the keywords that are t bringing the most. 


Enter the website domain and Alexa will reveal the ranking of that website supported a combined measure of unique visitors and page views. The ranking is not supported a site’s traffic alone but is relative to the traffic of all other sites that are monitored by Alexa. Webmasters are often skeptical of Alexa number but rank remains 

4. SE Ranking

SE ranking is somewhat similar to SemRush and Ahrefs.they provide you with an excellent amount of detail about your competitor organic and paid traffic. Tell you ways high your website and your competitor websites are ranking and the way many are watching that search term.

5. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is one of the simplest tracking tools I even have ever used! This software provides such a wealth of website traffic information. you’ll find out: New, lost and broken backlinks.

  • Domains sending the foremost traffic to a site.
  • Search engine rankings.
  • How much traffic an enquiry engine ranking is getting a site.
  • Pages from a site getting the foremost traffic.
  • You can compare web ranking with competitors.

Only is Ahrefs great for tracking competitor websites, it’s also a large help when it involves deciding the way to improve your own sites.