How To Copy A Formula Down An Entire Column In Google Sheets

Copy a Formula Down in Google Sheets

The simplest entrance to copy down formulas is to use the fill designation in Google Sheets. Write your formula inside the first row of your spreadsheet, then lead your mouse to the lower-right edge of the formula cell.

The pointer changes into a fill handle (black plus symbol) that you simply can drag to the last row of the sheet. The fill handle won’t just copy down the formulas to all or any of the adjacent cells but also copies the visual formatting.

If you would like to copy the formulas across cells but sans formatting. Select the cell that contains the formatting and Ctrl+C to copy. Next, select the range where that formula must apply, right-click, choose Paste Special and Paste Formula only.

Apply Formulas to the Entire Column in Google Sheets

You have two options. I feel the simplest is to pick the first and last cell within the column and paste the formula into it. You’ll also drag the formula too. I’ll show you both.

  1. Enter the formula within the first cell of the column
  2. Scroll to the rock bottom of the column where you would like the formula to end. Take care to not select anything until that last cell.
  3. Hold Shift and choose the last cell you would like the formula to seem in.

The other way is to tug and drop. this is often okay for smaller columns but when your spreadsheet takes up quite a page it can get a touch tricky.

  1. Highlight the primary cell in your column with the formula.
  2. Select the little blue box up the bottom right of the cell.
  3. Drag the cursor right down to the last cell at the bottom of the column.

If you’d like better to program your formula to incorporate the column, you’ll be able to do this too with an ARRAY FORMULA. Here you type the range into the formula.

It’s something like ‘=ArrayFormula(IF(ISBLANK($B$2:$B),””,SUM($B$2:$B)))’. This calculates the totals of column B and displays it elsewhere. The ISBLANK part ignores any cells that don’t have anything in them