How to Disable USB Port in Windows 11

Sometimes you want to disable the USB Port for several reasons such as preventing the PC from other to connect Flash drives on your computer. There is a way to disable the USB Port on your personal computer which allows you to be safe from virus attacks from Flash drivers or to stop using the damaged USB port. For more about Computer Security visit this official page.
There are several advantages and disadvantages to disabling USB Port following are the disadvantages such as you cannot connect any flash drive on your PC. But you can enable USB Port to connect your personal flash drive in an easy way.

Disable USB Port in Windows 11

There is an easy way by which you can easily disable your personal computer USB Port for complete instructions to shut down your USB port read given below steps along with images.
Before doing this you have to back up and restore the registry in your Computer Windows. If you don’t how to do that then read my article about generating Registry backup of Windows in step by step guide. Because it was very important to restore or make the backup of the registry system of your machine Windows before editing in Windows or any other pre-installed program in Windows.
If a USB storage device is not already installed on the computer, then you have to edit given below two files to disable the USB port.


Now focus and read carefully the complete step-by-step guide to disable the USB Port or to prevent your computer machine from connecting to other users’ flash devices or flash memory storage device that plugs into a USB port or some other devices on your computer to prevent virus attacks and several other official or personal reasons.
Editing First File

(Step 1 ) :

Go to My Computer, in the navigation bar or address bar paste the address or link


(Step 2) :

A pop-up folder opens in it, search “Usbstor.pnf ” and open its  Properties.

(Step 3) : 
In properties, tap on Security,  In the user names, select to set it to Deny.

(Step 4 ) :

A pop-up property, in it, again select the user and tap on Deny on Full Control button.

Also:  Select SYSTEM edit it and set full control to Deny.

( Step 5 ) :

Now hit on Apply and OK button.

Editing Second File 

(Step 1): 

Same as above first file step 1 open the folder or you already opened it.

(Step 2):

Now search (Usbstor.inf) file name in the folder.

(Step 3):

Open its properties, tap on Security, select the User or group and edit it.

(Step 4):

Now select User and SYSTEM and set Full Control to Deny.

(Step 5):

Hit Apply and then OK button.