How to Disable Auto Start Programs in Windows 11

Sometimes you don’t know that computer unwanted programs start running when you start your Computer however you can easily disable auto-start programs.

A lot of time there are viruses and hidden gateways created by hackers to know your personal details.

Programs you install in your computer add themself to the Start-up process of Windows and when you start your computer they start running background applications use your computer’s free space and reduce the running speed of your computer.

Disable Auto Starting Program in Windows 11

Follow the steps to disable the program running on your computer machine in Windows 11 and later versions.

Step 1 

Go to the Start Menu, Search Type “msconfig”.

Step 2

You See a pop-up tab called (System Configuration) > Startup.

Step 3

Select the unwanted program from the small square box.

Step 4

Hit Apply and then the OK button.

Now when you restart your computer this selected program does not start when running in the start-up process of Windows.

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