2 Ways To Delete Microsoft Edge Browsing History

How To Delete Microsoft Edge Browsing History on Windows 10. Microsoft Edge was the most innovative version of internet browsers introduced with Windows 10 there are some other new programs that come as default.

According to Microsoft company launched Edge browser to replace internet explorer with Microsoft Edge that comes with some new features. But most Windows 10 users don’t like Edge browser and want to uninstall it

Because of a lot of reasons, a Few days ago one of these blog readers asked us guides to remove edge browsers from Windows 10. In this article, I will guide showing step-by-step instructions to delete Edge browser history.

Deleting Microsoft Edge Browsing History From Windows 10 

According to my research Windows, 10 users prefer to open Edge browser InPrivate mode. There are some users how to set up the Edge browser as InPrivate as a default browsing mode.

There are two methods from which you can delete edge browser history.

  • Manually 
  • Automatically

Deleting Edge Browser History Manually 

You can manually on your own delete all browsing history of edge browser without taking anybody’s help.

Step 1 : 

Go to the Start Menu and search for the Edge Browser and open it. You can also open the edge browser through the desktop shortcut and taskbar.

Microsoft Edge in Windows 10

Step 2 : 

Once the Edge Browser was launched then you’ve to go to the Browser Main Menu. For this go to the right top corner and select Settings after that click on Hub > History. 

delete history from edge browser

Step 3 : 

To delete the entire web browsing history on the Edge Browser. Select the Clear All History button. Or else deleting any particular webpage or website then, easily select it and select the delete button.

Step 4 : 

Choose the types of files and then select Clear to delete browsing history.

Deleting Edge Browser History Automatically

If you’re interested in removing edge browser history automatically then you must know about the Edge browser feature called InPrivate Mode. That we talk above.

The InPrivate mode was similar to the Incognito mode in Google Chrome and Firefox. That allows users to browse privately without taking cache.

In short, when InPrivate Mode was Turn On, the Edge browser doesn’t save Browsing Cookies, Browsing History, Temporary Files and everything other than saving while suffering web on the browser.

Set up Edge to Automatically Clear Browsing History 

When you set up this configuration to automatically deleting browsing history data when the Edge browser closed. Mainly in this process, the browser will automatically delete the files or webpage your set up for an auto-deleting process without having a hassle. By enabling this feature you can save lots of time waste in removing the search history on the Edge browser.

Step 1 : 

Simply open the Edge Browser on your computer or laptop from Start Menu or Desktop Shortcut.

Step 2: 

After this, you’ve to open the Main Menu option on the browser for this click on Three Dots (Up Right Corner ) and Click on Settings.

delete history from edge browser

Step 3 : 

Once you’ve reached the Edge Browser Settings. On the Clear browsing data section, select Choose What to Clear button. As shown on the above-given screenshot.

Step 4 : 

In this step select what you want to clear automatically when you close the Edge browser. At the end turn on the option called Always clear this when I close the browser.

Both methods were quite simple for anyone who wanted to know how to delete history on Edge Browser. You can easily go through any method to delete the history. As I myself I prefer to go with the automation process that saves lots of my time to search and then delete the history on the Edge Browser.

Final Words

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