How To Delete Locked Folder in Windows 10


Sometimes you accidentally mess up with the security options within the folder sharing and you’ve ended up with a lock folder icon. That locks the folder and you can’t delete or open the folder anymore. In this article, we’ll show how to get rid of that lock icon without over-sharing it.

In simple words, the lock icon indicates that the folder can be accessible only by you and not any other users of the computer account. If you know about the locking folder option and this is desired then it’s a secure way to ensure your files and folder. If not then you’ve to get rid of the lock icon to access the folder.

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Deleting the Lock Folder In Windows 

So if you want to delete the lock folder then you’ve to first remove the lock icon or in simple word you’ve to unlock the folder with the help of security options.

Step 1 : 

Right Click on the Folder and Select the Properties.


Step 2 : 

In the Properties dialogue box, Switch to the Security tab and press the Edit button as shown in (Screenshot)

Step 3 : 

A list of groups and users that have permission to access the folder will appear. Click on the Add button

Step 4 : 

The next window was a bit confusing for you, but you’ve to enter the User name into the text field ‘Enter the object names to select’ and after that Click on the Check Names button.

Step 5 : 

The computer will locate the computer user name and change it. When it’s down Click on the OK button.

Step 6 : 

Now the User group will appear in the list of Group and Users’ permission to access the folder. Now simply Click on the OK button.

When you’ve successfully unlocked the folder you see the lock icon disappeared from the folder. Now you can easily delete it by selecting it and press the delete button from the keyboard.

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