How To Delete Files From Flash Drive on Mac

Previously we’ve discussed how to connect the iPad through more than four AirPort Extreme to increase the home network or your office network. That was a way to use for lots of AirPort Extreme users to access the internet from the home was shamming.

Recently one of the visitors asked us how to remove files such as movies, photos, videos from a flash drive using a Mac. After a lot of research, I’ve finally discovered a proper way to completely delete files from a flash drive.

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Deleting Files From Flash Drive on Mac

Generally, when you want to delete files and folders from your flash drive on the computer it was a big issue. Because a lot of time when you connect your flash drive to another computer its receives some virus that affect your flash drive.

If you’ve don’t know the proper way to remove files from a flash drive using a mac then read out the given below steps by steps guides.

Step 1 : 

First of all, you’ve to plug in the flash drive on your Mac through a USB connecting port. When you plug in flash drive USB icon will appear on your mac desktop screen.

Step 2 : 

When flash drive icon appears, click on it to open the flash drive. Select the files and folders you want to delete by simply clicking on them.

Step 3 : 

After selecting process you’ve to drag the selected files and folders into Trash (as shown in screenshot)


Now you can easily clean the Trash folder by holding the CTRL key while clicking on Trash and then select Empty Trash.