How to Delete Local Disk C Old Folders Without Using Disk CleanUp

When you install any Windows in your computer its main Windows files are saved in local disk C which is more important than any other local disk table in My Computer. So when any virus enters into local disk c and you want to remove it.

In this can you can use the Disk Cleanup program to remove unwanted programs and files from your computer on any local disk including local disk C.

But sometimes you won’t able to delete or remove the old folder from local disk cleaner from your computer. In this case, you can remove any unwanted folder or file from any local disk without any permission using the given below guides.

Delete Local Disk Folder Without Disk Cleanup

Step 1 :

Open Command Prompt from Start Menu

Note: ( If you don’t know how to open a command prompt in Windows then read my article for a complete guide )

Step 2 :

Now in the command prompt type “CD/” and hit the Enter button to switch the directory.

Step 3: 

Now the command prompt should look like C:>, in it type “DIR Windows.old”

Step 4:

In prompt type “Attrib -r -a -s -h C:Windows.old /S /D”

Step 5:

Now type “RD /s Windows.old”It should return with file not found

If you get File not found at the last step it means all old folders on your computer’s local disk C were deleted completely. For more information about removing the local disk C folder and files visit this official page of the discussion community of Microsoft.