How To Remove Read Only From Folder In Windows 11

The Folder is the most important part of the computer when you want to save anything document on your computer you create a new folder and name it. But sometimes you don’t want to show your personal folder to anybody who regularly uses your computer and to hide the particular from the place you created it you have to change the Attribute of the folder.

The same goes for when you want to open any folder you have to change the attribute of the folder to Read only by doing this anybody can open that particular folder from your computer.

Change the Attribute of Any Folder In the Windows 

Step 1: 

Select the folder you want to change the attribute to read-only.

Step 2:

Now open the list of that folder by (right click on mouse ) on folder

Step 3:

Open Properties from the folder list of that folder

Step 4:

In given Attribute option change to Read Only or Hidden

Step 5:

Now Apply and than save the settings

From all above steps you can easily change any folder attribute to read only and hidden to hide the folder from others.