How to Delete Cookies and History In Firefox on Windows 7

Web Browser is one of the most important tools developed by web developers with the help of this tool you can suffer web pages and most popular websites such as Google.

If you own a computer and connect with the internet network connection that you can easily access web page with the help of a web browser.

Basically, a web browser that wants to restive an HTTP resource will construct a request and the information to route to the web server and it tells the server which web page was requested.

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How To Delete History In Firefox on Windows

Mozilla Firefox was that web browser that was not replaceable with other web browsers such as Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. So, if you recently install Firefox on your computer and you don’t know how you can delete browsing history from a web browser then this article will help.

Just read the given below step by step guides carefully.

Step  1 :

Launch Mozilla Firefox on your computer

Step 2 : 

Click on Menu,  Select History 

Step 3 : 

You can delete Firefox browser history in two ways Manually and Automatically. In this article, I will guide you to delete browsing history manually.

Now Click on the Show All History 

Step 4 : 

In Library you can delete 7 days history, you can easily filter the web page want to delete

If you want to delete browsing history automatically. In that case, you can easily do that to suffer web on private mode. To know more read this article.

How To Delete Cookies in Firefox on Windows

Cookies are the text files retained on the browser containing various kinds of information regarding the website. You can easily clear cookies on any web browser. Such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari.

Step 1 : 

Launch Firefox on your computer

Step 2 : 

Click on Menu > Options 

Step 3 : 

Go to Privacy panel and Set up Firefox Will: Use custom settings for history.

Step 4 : 

Click on Show Cookies and cookies will pop up in a new window (shown on the above screenshot)

Step 5 : 

Now type the website address on the search and select it to remove. You can delete all cookies by clicking on Remove All.

If want to completely delete the browsing history on firefox or any web browser you have to remove cookies.

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