How to Translate Web Page on Firefox, Chrome and Edge


Language Translation was one of the best features developed by web developers with the help of this feature anyone can access any web page on the internet can translate that web page into a language that he or she can understand.

Now on internet browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Safari and some other browsers. You can easily translate web pages with the help of an add-on developed by web developers. It was a way too easy to download and enable the add-ons on your web browser if you know the proper way of doing it.

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Translate Web Page In Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge

Basically web browser translates any web page with the help of an add-on but if any web browser doesn’t support the add-on. Then in that case, you can manually translate the web page through Google Translator.

But here we’re going to discuss an add-on that developed by a web developer. Now you know how you can download and install the add-on on various web browsers.

How To Install Language Translator Add-on On Mozilla Firefox 

First, of I will tell there are thousands of add-on available on the web for web browser, but you’ve to download and install a security add-on that doesn’t harm your browser or it doesn’t open any hidden gateway for hackers.

Step 1 : 

Launch Mozilla Firefox Browser on your computer

Step 2 : 

Click on the Three Line icon, and select Add-ons

Step 3 : 

Now in the Search box, type Translator (Select the add-on you want to install on a web browser ). I recommend you install Google Translator For Firefox. Because it safe and secure for firefox users.

Step 4 : 

After the installation process, you can translate any web page in firefox browser by Right Click on the icon given

How To Translate Web Page on Google Chrome 

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser because it’s developed by Google Developers and it’s secure and safe for small hackers.

There are thousands of add-on or extensions available for the google chrome browser from which you can easily do lots of things. For example, if you’re a blogger and own a website then to check dead links there is an add-on called Hunter that helps you to locate the dead link on any webpage.

So, to translate any web page to English you can install the translate extension on Google Chrome.

Step 1 : 

Launch Google Chrome on your computer via Start Menu

Step 2 : 

Open Settings. Click on Extension section > Get more extension  

Step 3 : 

Now in the search box, Type Translate and select any translate extension.

Now you can translate any web page on google chrome by the extension or add-on you installed on your browser.

Microsoft’s newest web browser know as Microsoft Edge that comes lots of new features on Windows 10. If you’re looking to translate a web page on an edge browser then. I will tell you that currently company developers working on it. So you’ve to translate the web page on edge manually. Subscribe to Us for more interesting articles and don’t forget to follow us on social networking websites.