How To Enable / Disable Cookies In Internet Explorer

Browsing Cookies are mainly text files that contain information regarding websites you access through a web browser. When you going to delete browsing history then you must remove all the cookies related to the website.

But you have to enable or disable cookies on your for many purposes. If you don’t know how you to enable or disable cookies on the internet browser. Then read this article completely.

How To Enable / Disable Cookies on Internet Explorer 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11

You can easily enable and disable cookies on any web browser if you know proper to do that. Internet explorer its users to have complete control over cookies that are stored on your computer along with temporary files and browsing history.

You can allow or block cookies on some specific websites. When you make these changes the cookies stored on your computer will not be affected.

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How To Enable Cookies on Internet Explorer

When you enable cookies on any specific website then the information regarding that website was stored on your computer as a new cookie. When you do that nothing will change on web browser cookies.

Step 1 : 

Launch Internet Explorer

Step 2 :

Click on Gear Icon to open Internet Options

Step 3 : 

Go to Privacy Panel.

Step 4 : 

Now you’ve to ways to restrict cookies

  • Restricting Cookies by Slider            (Automatically )
  • Restrict Cookies by selecting Sites   (Manually)

Step 5 : 

Click in Allow and then OK 

Now you probably know the process of controlling the cookies on internet explorer. Mainly you can control cookies on IE in two ways as shown in the fourth step. The first was automatically and the second was manual. Now it’s on you how you want to restrict cookies.

How To Disable Cookies on Internet Explorer

Sometimes you’ve to disable cookies to access some specific website through a web browser. You can easily disable cookies on Internet Explorer of any version.

Step 1 : 

Go to the Tools Panel > Internet Options 

Step 2 : 

Now Click on the Privacy tab

Step 3 : 

Click on the Advanced button and then select ‘Override Automatic Option’.

Step 4 : 

Select the OK button.

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