How To Delete A Page In PDF

Pdf files are mostly used files these days. We are here with a guide for you on how to delete a page in Pdf. It is a very common issue for all of us because we are using Pdf files in our day-to-day work.

Sometimes in the office and sometimes while we are doing other work, we use Pdf files.

We all know that Pdf files are created with a lot of image processing software and a lot of word processing software using plugins to export them into Pdf format. Also, know that we have a lot of pdf viewer software such as adobe reader, etc.

Moreover, we can simply open our Pdf files in that software to check what content is included in such files. But when it comes to editing or deleting some of the pages of a pdf file, it becomes hard for all of us. That is why we are here going to tell you how to delete a page in Pdf.

Use A Software Along With Guidance on how to delete a page in Pdf

First of all, you have to know that you can easily open up your pdf files into software that is made specially to edit Pdf files. Now there is a lot of software available out there in the market. It depends upon your requirement and which software suits better to you.

You can choose the software according to your platform also. Such as if you are using a smartphone then chances are there that you need to use a pdf editing mobile app, it can be for iOS or Android, which varies from Os to Os.

On the other hand, if you are using windows then you may look for an online editor or software like Adobe acrobat.  

Editing Your Pdf Files In Adobe Acrobat

Following are the steps given to edit your Pdf Files in Adobe Acrobat

  • Open your Pdf file in Adobe Acrobat.
  • Find Out the “Organize Pages” Tool From Tools Panel.
  • Now locate the page that you want to delete.
  • Click on the thumbnail of that page.
  • You will see a Delete Button with an icon of Bin. 
  • Click the Delete Button. 
  • Done! Your Page is Deleted from Pdf. 


  • No Internet is required in it. 
  • Not too much time is taken in this method.


  • You need to install Acrobat Software.
  • Acrobat takes up space in your drive even after the process.

Using Online Pdf Editors

Also, there are a lot of Pdf editors available online. While using these Pdf editors you will find it very easy for you. In such editors, you just have to upload your pdf file on the web portal.

After that, you will find editing software that will be opened. This editing software will have a lot of tools available for all of you. All of these tools will be used to edit the Pdf file. You can simply edit all the pages and delete a page in pdf. 


  • No need to install any software.
  • No Extra space is required to install any software on your PC.


  • The Internet is required to go through this method.
  • This method takes time sometimes when uploading and downloading the files. 

Well, I hope you find this article helpful to know how you can easily delete pages in a PDF file without having a hassle.

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