Online Free Convert PNG to PDF – Step by Step Guide

Looking for the proper guide based on converting png to pdf files in bulk size or single file. In this case, Managing multiple files on a device is common nowadays as the storage allows you to do so.

However, when it comes to segregating the files accordingly or maybe segregating them in a means that they are easily accessible is a task for sure. As not every file is found in the same location, and in the case of an emergency, it gets too much work.

To resolve the issue and get a bit particular with your png files or any formatted file, they can convert to a single pdf giving them titles to get smoothly through them. You can easily convert png to pdf without hassle.

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How To Convert PNG To PDF – Complete Method

To convert multiple png files to one pdf without using any software for free is super convenient and easy,
What you have to do is follow these below steps.

  1. Open the png file by right-clicking on it, select ‘open with’, and select preview.
  2. Preview built into a device, and hence the whole task can be done with preview. You don’t have to download it, it’s a free program and has a lot to do with it.
  3. On the preview page, go to the top and click ‘file’ on the menu bar; further, click on ‘export’ or ‘export as pdf.’
  4. Going through ‘export,’ below, you’ll see a section written format with several options where you gotta choose pdf.


Now from the same options, you can convert your file into many other options like TIFF, HEIC.
You can compare them too.

You are now going through quality, which is the options present just below the format, where you can apply filters if you want, but they do not recommend. Unless if your pdf is enormous, and you gotta choose the ‘reduce file size’ filter.

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Convert Multiple PNG To PDF

Once you did it, you can go back and check that you got a pdf out of your png format. If you got multiple png files that you want to convert into a single pdf, what you have to do is follow these steps.

  1. Open up a folder or create one with all the png files in it, which you want to convert into a pdf.
  2. After getting to that folder, select all the png files and then click on ‘file’ on the menu bar.
  3. Select ‘export,’ and then a new tab opens where you gotta click on the format and click on the pdf format.
  4. Once you click on it, all the png files get into one pdf.
  5. Now you can go back, and you’ll see that your selected files, images, and staff are all combined up into a single pdf, and you’ve got there with ease.

Moreover, anywhere at any time, you can access any file you want very smoothly as now you have segregated everything so correctly that you can get your files very quickly.

And even if not, it just makes your work more organized and synchronized to have neat and organized data. And this is how very easily you can manage all your png files by getting them into one pdf.