How To Create A New User Account In Windows 7

Microsoft Windows allows its users to create a new guest account on their personal computer. So if you want to keep secrets on your computer prevent them from your siblings then you must create a new user account on your PC.

However, there are also some other benefits of new windows account that you can enjoy. Such as if your brother or children want to use your computer then you can create their own user account. However, you can also keep an eye on them.

To keep an eye on your children when they access your computer for that you’ve to enable Paternal Controls on Windows. In this article, We demonstrate how to add a new user account in windows.

Create A New User Account In Windows 7

So, there are two ways to create a user account in Windows.

1. Manually using (Control Panel).

2. Command Lines using (Command Prompt).

It’s your choice how you want to add a new user account on your computer. So if you find manual option easy or creating a user account through command lines was interesting then keep reading.

Manually Create New User Account In Windows 7 

Follow the given below step by step guides to creating a new user account using account settings.

Step 1 : 

Open Control Panel through Start Menu.

Step 2 : 

Now navigate to “Control Panel > All Control Panel Items >User Accounts >Manage Accounts”. 



Hint: Copy and Past the above-given URL to the address bar of any folder.

Step 3 : 

Click on ”Create a New Account”.

Step 4 : 

In the next Windows screen, Enter the “Name of User Account” and then select the account type.  Standard Account or Administrator Account.



Note :  

There are two types of User Account. Standard Account and Administrator Account. The difference in both accounts are Administrator account can access all programs and settings of the computer. While Standard Account can access only limited programs of the computer.

Step 5 : 

You’ve Successfully created a new user account.



Tip : 

We recommend you when you’re creating a new user account on your computer for other people select Standard Account to be secure from virus and beach.

Using Command Lines For Creating New User Account In Windows 7 

If you love coding just like me. Then you want to create a new user account on your computer using command lines.

Actually What I trying to say, If you want to add 100 Users on your computer then adding new user one by one is a long process. So with the help command prompt, you can intensely create multiple users account in windows through cmd.

Step 1 :

Press (Windows Key + R) to open Run and in it type “CMD” and hit Enter button.



Command Line To Add New User Account :

net user username password /ADD

Example: To add a new user account with login ID Mritunjay and password with fAshow77



“net user username Mritunjay fAshow77 /ADD”

Hidden Password :

If you want to hide password login in process of new user account then you can use.

C:>net user /add Mritunjay *
Type a password for the user:
Retype the password to confirm:
The command completed successfully.