How To Check Disk Space on Windows 10

Now you can easily determine the free available space of your computer hard disk along with the total size and some other features using simple command lines on the command prompt.

There are some other ways from which you also check your computer’s hard disk but for that, you have a long process or lots of steps. But from two command lines, you know how much free space is left on your computer’s hard disk.

How To Check the Hard Disk Via Command Prompt

Follow the step-by-step guide to easily determine the total space of the computer using the hard disk from the command prompt.

Step 1:

Open the Command Prompt from the Start Menu.

Step 2:

Type the following command line on the command prompt.

 "chkdsk C:"

Make sure to replace the “C” with the Disk letter.

Step 3 : 

There is also another way to check your computer’s hard disk space which is mentioned below.

My Computer > Local Disk C > Properties

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