10 Mind-blowing Places To Live in U.S For $1000

You can sailing live in the U.S in affordable places there are some selected cheapest places to live in the U.S that we listed here there are some best places in the world to live in. There are places where you can exist for a $1000 per month budget with a digital nomad. Housing costs, not the only factor that decides whether or not you can stand to live in a particular city in the United States.

It also depends on the day-to-day expenses — movie theatre tickets, eating out, dating, garbage collection, cheap gym membership, groceries, house rent and even the cost of flight ticket back to the U.S and that not all there are some hidden and often unconsidered price.

So, affordability is one of the best choices and qualities of a great retirement destination in 2020 year. Particularly, when you try to stretch pension or saving and social security as considerably as achievable.

Here, we’ve gathered some of the best places to live in the U.S at an affordable budget.

Cheapest Places To Live In United States

There some cheapest cities to live in in the united states that totally fit into your monthly budget. However, the U.S is aren’t a cheap country but there are some places that bestow affordable living at affordable prices.

Pecos Country Texas

pecos county texas

The Pecos is the largest town in and the Reeves County, Texas, the U.S. The average annual mortgage payment in the county is $2000 and Annual property tax: $730 and last but not least the median income is approximately $51000. Moreover, Pecos tx apartments prices: $200 for a one-bedroom and median home price in Pecos is $89000. The city also has World-class restaurants serves amazing meals, an Internet connection is easy to come by and everyone owns the cell phone.

The rate of job growth in Pecos texas is 16.55 percent and the united states were 1.59 only. On the other hand Income per cap. was $22268. This table cost of living in Pecos texas indicates complete details of the city.

An amount under 100 indicates Pecos is cheaper than the US average. A cost of living an average above 100 means Pecos, Texas is more costly. Same goes for other cities list.

Overall Cost73.993.9100
Grocery Cost89.893.7100
Health Cost102.395.4100
Housing Cost38.584.3100
Medium House Cost$89,000$195,000$231,200
Utility Cost116.199.2100
Travel Expense Cost68.3103.3100
Miscellaneous Cost92.196.4100

This cost of the living list is generated by BestPlaces is . Keep reading to know more affordable cities in the US.

Harlingen Texas

Harlingen CountryTexas

Many people looking to move to the cheapest towns to live in the U.S. The Harlingen Texas, mainly the Harlingen tx population is about 65000 its an about 30 miles from the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. According to The Council for Community and Economic Research report, 306 urban towns in the U.S.

Moreover, the pros of the city are it has a pleasant winter season and the city nearby water recreation. Brownville is a thriving border town and minor resort area mainly serving to wintering texas. There is a Gulf Coast Beach area about 20 miles from the town.

The medium housing prices around $87000 and Harlingen public school spending $11,650 per student if we talk about studies. Check out the list of the cost of living in Harlingen Tx.

Overall Cost6793100
Grocery Cost9093100
Health Cost8795100
Housing Cost3784100
Medium House Cost$87,000$195,000$231,200
Utility Cost8999100
Travel Expense Cost72103100
Miscellaneous Cost7696100

The average cost of living in Harlingen is 67 compare to 100 of the United States.

Federal Heights Colorado

federal heights colorado

Federal heights Colorado is a Home Rule Municipality established in Adams County, Colorado in the United States. The federal heights colorado average annual mortgage payment is approx $2000 and the annual property tax is $550. The federal heights colorado population is 12,500 and the median income was $36,823 along with the median age of 30.

The unemployment rate of the city was 3.3 percent compared to the United States. Moreover, if talk about average commute time of the Federal Heights was 28.5 minutes compared to the national commute avenger is 26.4 minutes in the U.S. In terms of housing the cost of the median house in Federal Height is $324,700 and Federal Heights Public School spend around $8922 per student for studies per year.

Memphis Tennessee

mephis tn

Memphis TN is a great place for music lovers this city has a month-long festival “Memphis in May” each year that brings guests from around the world. The average annual mortgage rent is not more than $850 per month. What Is the Cost of Living in Tennessee? If you want to rent two-bedroom apartments the mortgage will be $950 per month.

What is the average salary in Memphis TN? The average salary will be $47000 per month. The expense of living in Memphis Tennessee is 14 % lower than the national average of the United States. The cost of living totally depends on the cost of housing in Memphis Tennessee median housing cost is $87000 and the average time to commute was 21.7 minutes. Memphis Public School spends around $8500 per student for studies. That is way to good compare to the United States.

Overall Cost7687100
Grocery Cost9395100
Health Cost98101100
Housing Cost3771100
Medium Housing Cost$85,700$164,500$231,200
Utility Cost9696100
Travel Expense8490100

Memphis is an amazing and striking place located with the Mississipi rivers at the border of the Arkansas border. The city has antiquity dramatic highs and lows: cotton trading accomplishment, Yellow fiver epidemics, Civil War destruction and reconstruction and much more. But today the city is on the boom, thanks to the perception of its unique culture.

McAllen Texas

craigslist mcallen texas

McAllen is usually referred to as the retail center of Texas and Mexico of southern and northern cities. The city is well known for bird watching and its also called “City of Palms” because of tropical vegetation. What is the cost of living in McAllen Tx? The average annual mortgage rent in McAllen is $800 per month. And the annual salary in McAllen is approx $56000.

The home tax in McAllen is a bit high for example If a home costs $100K the resident would pay $3 per year. The housing is one the biggest factor in cost of living the median house cost in MacAllen is $133000. McAllen Public Schools spend $9500 per student for studies. Moreover, the average commute is 20 minutes that way to good compare to national commute time.

Overall Cost7893100
Grocery Cost9293100
Health Cost9095100
Housing Cost5884100
Medium House Cost$133,000$195,000$231,200
Utility Cost8999100
Travel Expense Cost86103100
Miscellaneous Cost8496100

It’s the mid-sized border city that dominated local agriculture along with pleasant winter. McAllen is in the center bordered flag agricultural area locally known as “The Valley”  dotted with vegetables and citrus interspersed with small towns.

Holbrook Arizona

holbrook arizona

The Holbrook Arizona is a city in Navajo County its also listed in the top cheapest places to live in the US because of its low population and low costs of a mortgage. The annual house rent in Holbrook is $3500 and annual property taxes are $550. Surely its cheap town to live in the united states. The population of Holbrook is around 5000 and the median age average is 34 years.

Moreover, May, September and October are the most peasants months to live in Holbrook. While December and January are the least comfortable months. The housing cost in Holbrook is around $98,100 and the commute time is 21 minutes. Holbrook Public Schools spends $10000 per student for studies and there are about 14 students per teacher in the city.

Overall Cost77102.2100
Grocery Cost9396.1100
Health Cost11595.2100
House Cost42107.8100
Median House Cost$98000$249,3 00$231,200
 Utility Cost104.4102.7100
 Travel Expense77.5107100

According to the above table, the cost of living in Holbrook is 77 compared to the United States its cheaper city.

Fayetteville Arkansas

fayetteville arkansas

Fayetteville Ar is ranked 3 in the best places to live in the U.S. The city is well known for its surrounding Ozark mountains affords these with a love of nature several events to hike, canoe and much more. The average annual mortgage rent in Fayetteville ar was $750 and the Fayetteville ar average salary was $54000 by median jobs. Does Fayetteville AR have snow? Yes, Fayetteville ar averages have 6 inches of snow per year.

The population of the city is 81000 with a median age of 27 years. Moreover, the unemployment rate of Fayetteville Arkansas is 2.7 percent compared to the US is great that 3.9 percent and the median income $37000 per month. If you want to be the owners of the house in Fayetteville its costs you around $220,500 and if we talk about student studies in this city Fayetteville Public Schools spends $15000 per student there are 14 students per teacher.

COST OF LIVINGFayettevilleArkansasUSA
 Overall Cost92.979100
Grocery Cost7092.7100
Health Cost87.986.5100
Housing Cost95.455.7100
Median House Cost$220,500$128,800$231,200
Utility Cost92.695.6100
Travel Expense86.681.6100

So we know the so-called Northwest Arkansas region is one of the fastest-growing in the US and its three names cities Rogers, Springdale, and Fayetteville. Plus the elephant in the room Bentonville. These three cities are located apart Bentonville about 10 miles distance. The headquarter of retail giant Wal-Mart is located in Bentonville.

Boise Idaho

boise idaho weather

Boise Idaho ranked 23th in the cheapest places to live in the US. The city is popular for its Boise Ridge to Rivers trail system and much more. Its that best for weather lovers the Boise Idaho population was 200K approximately. Moreover, the Boise Idaho average annual mortgage rent was less than $1000. The median salary is approx $43000. The most important thing the money spend on living expenses of about 24 percent compares to metro cities in the U.S.

If you want to become the owner of the house in Boise Idaho that cost you around $303,100 and home appreciation for the last 10 years has been 16.6 percent. Moreover the commute time 18 minutes. In terms of climate the Stepmeber, June and May are the most pleasant months and December and January are least comfortable in Boise.

Boise Public Schools spend approx $8283 per student in which there are about 18 students per teacher. Check out the table of the cost of living in Boise to know more about different costs.

  Overall Cost103.697.7100
  Grocery Cost93.894.4100
  Health Cost91.195.1100
  Housing Cost131.1114.1100
  Home Cost$303,100$263,900$231,200
  Utilities Cost9089.3100
  Travel Expense84.581.6100

Boise is the capital, largest city and cultural hub of Idaho. Now about the area, the city is clean and engaging downtown is framed by mountains to the northeast and inundated agricultural plains to the west.

Charlotte North Carolina

Charlotte North Carolina Weather

Charlotte North Carolina is ranked 22 in the affordable towns to live in the United States. The population of the city was 800,000 approx. The things to do in uptown charlotte is more than you think its one of the best places to visits in the U.S. The charlotte north Carolina average rent was $1000 per month although the median income was $53000.

It’s Southwest North Carolina along with Catawba River near South Carolina border. In terms of Climate the May, September and October are the most pleasant months in Carolina. Moreover, Carolina is a world-class entertainment hub.

COST OF LIVINGCharlotteNorth CarolinaUSA
Overall Cost9890.6100
Grocery Cost9996.5100
Health Cost100107.5100
Housing Cost9981100
Median House  Cost$228,800$187,300$231,200
Utilities Cost9899.2100
Travel Expense9783.9100

The median house cost in Charlotte is $228,800 and home appreciation for the last 10 years has been 9.6 percent. Moreover, Charlotte Public School spends around $8935 per student and there are about around 16 students per teacher.

Shamokin Pennsylvania

Cheapest Places To Live In The US

Shamokin Pennsylvania, city is surrounded by Coal Township at the western edge of the Anthracite Coal Region in Central Pa. The Shamokin Pa Weather was mostly warm and with high humidity in summers its the best place for different types of weather lovers. The average rent for an apartment in Shamokin, PA is $380 and Shamokin pa median income was $30000.

COST OF LIVINGShamokinPennsylvaniaUSA
 Overall Cost7092.5100
Grocery Cost93100.3100
Health Cost10497100
Housing Cost1475.1100
Median House Cost$32000$173,700$231,200
Utilities Cost10198.2100
Travel Expense86104100

The median housing price is about $32000 and moreover, the population of the city is 7165 since 2010 the unemployment rate is 5.2 percent. June, August and September are the most pleasant months in Shamokin city. The cost of living in Shamokin is 70 compare to 100 in the United States.

Warping Up!

Hopefully, this list of cheap places to live in the United States helps you to find out one of your best places after getting retirement from your job. If you any question or place name that be must mention in our list please let us know.

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