6 Free Online NEF To JPG Converter To Use

Nef to Jpg converter helps you to convert the nef file format to a jpg file. However, you also don’t want to download nef to jpg converter because the process will waste your precious time. There are thousands of web applications are available on search engines from which you can easily perform lots of your daily activity at a glance. Here we’ve listed some of the best nefs to jpg converter that helps you to convert files online for free without downloading any software. However, the list also contains some of the software that you’ve to download.

NEF To JPG Converter:

List of Online Web Applications To Convert Online File Format

Basically, this kind of converts will help to online convert nef to jpg without downloading software from the web. However, there are lots of useless online software that properly wastes your time. We listed out some of the best applications without any purchases and the interface is quite easy to operate.

Raw Pics

convert nef to jpg

The Raw Pics iO is an online web application for converting NEF files to other photos format. The has an easy interface you can sailing convert your file in just 5 steps. Open the application on your Mac and select the Nef file which you want to convert and hit the convert button. Moreover, you can not only convert nef to jpg, but you can also convert nef to other formats. The application supports, NEF to PDF, NEF to PEF, NEF to RAF, NEF to DNG, NEF to ARW, NEF to RAW, NEF to CP2, NEF to ORF, NEF to CRW, NEF to PNG.

I Love IMG

nef to jpg

It is also an online software from which you can convert your nef file to various image formats. This online web application supports drag and drops feature along with collaboration with Dropbox and Google Drive. If the nef image is uploaded on your google drive account you can easily collaborate to the application and convert it. The pros of this application are it also supports Nikon Nef  Images.

Online Converter


Online Converter has a sailing interface that helps you to easily convert your nef picture within a few seconds. The maximum size limit of the converter is 200 MB. Along with your can also manually resize your converted image it’s a pro feature that this application supports. The converter also supports multiple formats to convert with nef.


nef to jpg online converter

Zamzar is an online free online image conversion software. The application has 4 simple steps to convert the nef to jpg format. The convert supports more than 30 image formats along with E-book formats and Video formats. The pro feature of this application is you can also receive your converted image to your email address as a backup it’s an optional feature.

Free File Converter

free software to convert raw files to jpeg


This is also free software to convert raw files to jpeg. The interface is quite simple you can just drag and drops the raw image file to the convert. The pro feature of this software is you can also convert nef files from the image URL or from online storage platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive.


raw nef to jpg

In this nef to jpg converter, you can convert any raw nef image to jpg in just three steps. The maximum size limit for converting nef files to jpeg is 100 MB. The software supports more than 200 image formats and you can also convert any raw nef file using URL from your social network account.

Other Online NEF To JPG Converter:

Coolutils  Convert any NEF image to JPG without sign up.

Convert Image – It’s the same as another online nef to jpg converters.

NEF To JPG – It’s offline nef to jpg software you’ve to download it.

Free Convert – It relevant to online software for converting nef files to other image formats.

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