How To Change Phone Number in Dropbox

Dropbox one of the best data storage cloud platform where you can upload and download your photos, videos and document.

What you do if your Cell Phone was stolen. The first thing many cell phone owners do is changing the phone number on their online accounts. So if want to change your phone number on Dropbox you can easily do it yourself without hiring anybody.

Changing Phone Number In Dropbox

In cloud computing service providers comparison dropbox is best and you don’t want you account to get hacked. To change a phone number on your dropbox account follow the given below steps.

Step 1 : 

Login into your Dropbox account

Step 2 : 

Click on your Name and from drop-down list Click on Settings 

Step 3 : 

Go to the Security tab, Under Dropbox two factor authentication, Click Edit

Step 4 : 

Enter your password and Click Next

Note : Select how you want to receive a security code

Step 5 : 

Enter your Phone Number Click Save.

The number you’ve entered on above step on that you received a  6 digits security code through message. So picked up your cell phone and open messages > Dropbox message.

Step 6 : 

Enter the 6 digits security code on device from which you changing cell phone number in your Dropbox account.

 Step 7 : 

Now enter any other cell phone number that you want to used for cloud back up dropbox. In case if you forget your primary phone number you can use backup mobile number to recover dropbox account.


We hope this article will helped you to know how to change cell phone number on Dropbox account. In my view drop is the best cloud service for storing photos and more. If you have question-related about Dropbox you ask us. Give your views on this article through the comment box.


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