How To Reset iBook Library on Mac / iPad

Apple iBook offer users to read the online book through their mac or windows computer. But sometimes due to some errors you can’t access or open appleibook on your mac.

To fix this issue you’ve to reset ibook. In this article, we demonstrate how you can reset Apple iBook on your Mac and iPad.

How To Reset iBook on Mac

First, before resetting ibook from your computer, you must generate Back-Up for safety purposes if something goes wrong you’ve to back up of iBook data.

Close iBook if it’s running.  Test after taking each of the following steps that you haven’t already taken. Stop iBook before going to the next step.

Step 1 : 

Hold down the “Option” key and select Go > Library from Finder. Now from Library Folder, go the following items and delete it.


Step 2 : 

Now in this same way delete this two item



Step 3 : 

Again go to Library Folder and find this (Containers/ item and move it to the desktop.

Log out from iBook and again login. The iBook Library is totally empty now you can download free ibook or purchase ibook from ibook store.