How To Change Color of Start Menu In Windows 10

In Windows, there is a feature called Personalization from which you can easily change the appearance of according to your likeability.  You can change the colour of the start menu, change a theme, Change the Lock Screen, Change Taskbar Option,  Change Windows Background and a lot more other things.

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In this article, we going to demonstrate how to switch different colours for Start Menu in Windows using Personalization.

Change The Color of Start Menu In Windows 10

You can easily change the colour of the Start Menu using Personalization Windows. Follow up below-given guides to know how you can change the start menu colour.

Step 1 :

Go to the Start Menu and open up Settings


Step 2 :

Click on the Personalization panel


Step 3 :

In Personalization, Move to the Color Panel


Step 4 :

Select the colour from Color Palettes


With the new colour of the Start Menu, You good to go.

However, you can also change the colour of the taskbar along with the action center with the same colour of the start menu. Due to that click on the “On” button under the colour palettes for more see the given screenshot.